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Have a Perfect Day!

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Have a Perfect Day!

What would you most love to be doing?
John F. Demartini
John F. Demartini More by this author
Sep 05, 2011 at 10:00 AM

This is called the Perfect Day Exercise. It’s a preparation for living your life according to your highest heavenly vision.

If you could have an entire day filled with nothing but your most inspiring activities and dreams, what would it look like? Sit down with your journal and write out your perfect day exactly as you would most love it to be. Schedule an entire 24 hours from the moment you wake up, whether it be 4 a.m. or noon. Have the sleep you want, see the sunrise or sunset from some beautiful place, eat the perfect breakfast, meditate, run, swim, exercise, study, have a massage, garden, dance, write, sing, travel, teach, serve, work, consult, speak, make love, dream, play…this is your day. Whatever that perfect day is for you, map it out, pick a date, commit to doing it, and then go fulfill it.

First plan for it once a year, and once you’ve done that and realized it’s possible, raise the number to four times a year—once per season. Then go to once a month, and then work toward having a perfect day every single week. Increase the frequency until eventually almost every day of your life is lived in accord with your dreams.

Let yourself go with this exercise. It’s an amazing opportunity to think about what you love doing, and then to find out you have the capacity to make it happen. This is a day dedicated to doing exactly what your heart would love. If you don’t schedule it, who will?

This is a wonderful formula for gradually building the life of your dreams, one that you’ll slowly come to realize you actually deserve. Don’t be surprised if your idea of a perfect day evolves over time to include more service, because you’re training yourself to do what you love and love what you do and be of service to others. When you discover and provide the service you love, your life becomes fulfilling.

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John F. Demartini
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