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Have the Best World Summit Ever!

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Have the Best World Summit Ever!

Hay House
May 30, 2013 at 05:17 AM 0 comments

The Hay House World Summit is kicking off in just 2 more days…may I take a breath here and be honest with you? I’m feeling really anxious about this humongous global event.

It’s not that I’m worried about the World Summit running smoothly. I mean, everything is all in place now. The new Summit Websites are working beautifully. All of the 110 authors have been interviewed months ago and all of the programs are ready to go. The translations are all done, the emails are all created, and our affiliates are telling all their friends about this great opportunity.

So why am I so stressed? Okay, let’s do the math. The Hay House World Summit runs for 10 days. There are 11 one-hour interviews each day which means that there are more than 100 of the coolest authors to listen to. Plus, some of my favorite authors are being interviewed by some of my other favorite authors. So these conversations are going to be very intimate with never-before-heard personal advice about all the stuff I’m trying to put into perspective in my own life.

Here’s the thing that’s freaking me out: How in the world am I going to find the time to listen to all this great content? And how can I make sure that I don’t miss any of the juiciest moments and life-changing advice I’m meant to hear when meals need to be made, laundry needs to be done and deadlines need to be met?

When I shared these feelings with some of my coworkers, I noticed I wasn’t alone in my fears. So, together with the help of my creative comrades, we have come up with 7 easy steps to help you get the most out of your Hay House World Summit Experience.

Are you ready? Let’s go:

7 Ways to Enhance Your Hay House World Summit Experience

1.    Create Your Very Own Hay House World Summit Comfort Zone. Pick the most comfortable spot in your home or office where you’ll be listening to the Summit. Set up your computer/laptop/iPad there. Put your most comfortable pair of earphones or earbuds next to your monitor or device. Choose your coziest chair or couch. Add cushy pillows, Snuggie®, arm rests, back cushions, Hello Kitty slippers or other accessories to enhance comfort and promote relaxation.

2.    Dress Hay House World Summit-Wise. Since you’ll be sitting for many consecutive hours and listening to all these wonderful author conversations, you’ll want to wear your most comfortable clothing. This is not the time to pour yourself into a pair of constricted skinny jeans. How about a pair of Jeggings instead!  Choose loose-fitting outfits with plenty of room to stretch your arms and legs…and mind! We recommend smooth and relaxed fabrics such as cottons, satins or silks. Refrain from noisy corduroy or musical bracelets.

3.    Prepare Summit-Friendly Snacks and Beverages. It’s imperative that you keep hydrated and well-nourished while listening to these many hours of inspiring content! We suggest fixing nutritious snacks and beverages and keeping them within easy reach during the Hay House World Summit. We recommend nuts (raw almonds), power bars and certain fruits (berries, apples). Avoid leaky fruit (watermelon, loquats) that may compromise your keyboard. For more tips on healthy eating, remember to listen to Kris Carr, Julie Daniluk, Donna Gates and Marcelle Pick.

4.    Try Something New and Summit-Surprising. If you’re a Wayne Dyer groupie, Marianne Williamson’s biggest fan ever, or have one of the walls in your home wallpapered with Louise Hay affirmations, you could choose to listen to Wayne’s, Marianne’s or Louise’s one-hour interview 10 times during one entire day of the Hay House World Summit. However, we strongly advise that you peruse the schedule prior to the Summit, map out the authors you definitely want to hear and then pick out several new ones to listen to each day. There may be a new favorite you haven’t met yet.

5.    Keep Summit Props Handy. You’ll be listening to a variety of topics during the Hay House World Summit including meditation, affirmations, mediumship, angels, feng shui, yoga, prosperity, tapping, past lives, forgiveness. Remember to keep any props you may need within reach, so you can easily access them during the Hay House World Summit. Your checklist may include: notebook, pens, meditation or yoga mats, candles, angel cards, affirmation cards, crystals and pillows.

6.    Make Sure All Pets Are Summit-Trained. You certainly won’t want to be interrupted by the whimpering sound of your pet just when Doreen Virtue is explaining how you can call upon your angels or when John Holland is telling about messages from your deceased loved ones. So make sure you take little Feather, Bruiser, Poupon, Hurley and all your pets on their potty breaks and have them well fed and amused before the Summit. And while you’re at it, we recommend that you do the same for yourself!

7.    Turn Your Clock to Summit Time! What’s more important than taking care of YOU? Nothing! So put aside your to-do list, turn off your email alerts, silence your phone, and let your loved ones know that you’ll be busy for a few days. It’s Summit Time and you’re worth it!

Donna Abate
Website Manager

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