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Hay House World Summit Week 1 Highlights

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Hay House World Summit Week 1 Highlights

Wisdom For Sparking Change In Your Life
Hay House
May 19, 2015 at 10:45 AM 0 comments

Editor's Note - Below is a recap of week 1 of the Hay House World Summit, by Lauren Stahl  

The Hay House World Summit 2015 is alive and strong. There is such a plethora of information, knowledge, insight, and advice from each of the twenty-five speakers for Series 1 of the Summit. From the topics of health, relationships, prosperity, to freedom, each of the speakers touched on ways to truly spark for change in your life. These are the changes that connect you with joy, freedom, love, and purpose.

I have decided to highlight a few of the speaker’s in each of my weekly recaps and talk about pieces that resonated with me and I hope resonate with each you as well.

Mike Dooley – All it Takes is Showing Up!
In Mike Dooley’s lesson, “How to Become Unstoppable,” he spoke about how sparking change can be simple. It takes the person that shows up anyway and can muster up a sense of optimism to spark change.

It’s the physical senses that tell us we’re getting old, like the grey hairs or the wrinkles, but it is the sense of our intuition that is authentic and truthful. It is here that presence and the ability to listen to what feels right lies.

This got me thinking about the clients I work with and myself. Sparking for that change can be so hard at times. The uncertainty that comes with change can be paralyzing. But when Mike spoke about how all it takes is showing up, that sense of fear within subsided. The power of presence is where the clarity lies. With this clarity, the chaos subsides, and there is that simplicity he was speaking about.

Colette Baron-Reid – Awakening the Oracle Within
I also want to touch on Colette Baron-Reid’s lesson Awakening the Oracle Within: How to Powerfully and Creatively Navigate Your Destiny. Throughout this lesson, she speaks about how this oracle is our soul and our inner observer.

An oracle is a “divine communication or revelation.” Divine is “heavenly; celestial.”

To put this simply, all of the answers are within. When we can silence our minds and our egos enough, the disconnect between the mind and heart diminishes. For me, the oracle is my soul and also listening to my heart and intuition, which is connected to the universe and an energy so much greater than me.

What I’ve had to recognize and what I see others recognize as well is that we are not our thoughts and the more we identify to a story, the more we are living in the past. This can easily become a perpetual habit, but as Collette says, which I found very helpful “Observe your thoughts like they are leaves going down a river.”

When you let go of the attachment to these thoughts, think about this, who are you? This is where that spark for change comes into play and you can live the life that feels most purposeful and fulfilling. This may mean stepping outside your comfort zone.

Louise Hay – Creating Miracles In Your Life
Listening to Louise Hay is like listening to the most talented pianist where each note is better than the next. In her lesson Creating Miracles in Your Own Life, Louise so eloquently conveys these three simple words “Life loves me.” She goes into her own personal journey of self-exploration and self-love and it was especially helpful to hear the power of mirror work.

I don’t know if you are like me, but it is not always easy to look in the mirror and practice saying positive affirmations to myself. After hearing Louise, my perception of this practice shifted. She has found freedom, acceptance, and immense love through this practice. Sometimes it takes hearing the effect an action has on another person to bring it into your life. This was the case for me. The mirror work has begun!

When she said, “Life doesn’t happen to me, it happens for me” it was like music to my ears. When you can look at life from this perspective, the ability to spark those changes comes from a place of freedom, not resistance.

Kris Carr – Beyond the Kale
Lastly, I will share some insights from Kris Carr’s lesson, Beyond the Kale: Why Self-Care Includes Embracing Fear, Taking Risks, and Accepting Oneself. I am a big fan of Kris Carr and her ability to take control of her life and well-being. I liked when she said, “Be a plant that comes into life rather than wilting into life.” She spoke about the importance of eating dark leafy greens, which fortunately I love to incorporate into my diet! I looked at the quote above as a metaphor in my own life.

I have the ability to come to life. With this mindset, I can spark those changes with much more ease.

By wilting through life, you are not awakened. You are barely living. You are living the life other’s want for you. Kris spoke about how saying “No” is a form of self-care. I know this can be hard to do sometimes, as you often live listening to the people pleaser within. This doesn’t have to be your reality though.

I really enjoyed hearing her speak about purpose. For her, and I firmly agree, purpose is deep and unshakeable. This purpose is joy and it is our job to build a practice around what it is that gives us this joy.

I could go on and on about this Summit for hours. I am looking forward to the next three series and sharing my thoughts with you. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to any of the lessons, give yourself the gift of self-love and start by picking one where the lesson resonates with you. I know I have learned so much this past week and can’t wait to dive even deeper within!

Lauren Stahl Bio
Lauren Stahl is the founder of SPARKITE, an online interface that empowers and inspires users to work towards their goals with added support and accountability. She coaches people around the world, is a professional speaker, and believes that you can live the life you desire. You can learn more about Lauren and SPARKITE here.

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