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Headed for a Stressful Day?

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Headed for a Stressful Day?

Let a gemstone soothe you.
Judith  Lukomski
Judith Lukomski More by this author
Jun 25, 2012 at 10:00 AM

It’s Monday morning, time to head off to work. How are you feeling? Excited to be starting a new project; energized by the cooperation and communication in your office?  Or, are you feeling the stress of the week building in your body as a packed schedule and multiple deadlines unfold.

Today’s workplace is a reflection of a world in transition. Global economic shifts and environmental disasters along with exploding technology advances have initiated unprecedented transformation. It is dynamic environment, filled with potential and steeped in challenge.  

Physical symptoms of stress are on the rise as entrepreneurs and employees reinvent the way business functions. Across professions heart disease is on the rise; there is an increase in reported cases of migraines and ulcers. Anxiety is present. It doesn’t have to be this way for you, choose differently and embrace change, unlocking your inner radiance.

Nature demonstrates the gift that pressure and stress can deliver as it transforms carbon into a brilliant diamond. Rather than shatter or crumble, this element reestablishes itself to become extraordinary. Choose to transform rather than succumb to outside influences with the help of gemstones.

Crystal therapy, the ancient art of gemstone healing, offers solutions to contemporary issues. Electromagnet patterns are rampant in the workplace and in the world. With growing numbers of computers, cell phones, and the increasing availability of Wi-Fi, humankind has entered a web of invisible grids. Our bodies are recalibrating to a new energy field.

  1. Black tourmaline helps to mitigate the energy disturbance caused by electronics. Place it by your computer to rebalance your work area. Use it as a foundation for peaceful productivity.
  2. Increase creativity and concentration with Carnelian. Wearing this beautiful orange stone awakens the artist within to deliver innovative solutions, craft extraordinary artwork and deliver amazing performances.  
  3. In a constantly changing world learning to speak your truth with compassion is essential.  Carrying a touchstone of Lapis, a royal blue and gold stone helps keep you focused in thought and action as you manifest true intentions.  
  4. Adding a Clear Quartz cluster in the area where meetings are held can dramatically enhance communication. On a deep level there is a recognition that we all come from one place. The single crystal matrix with multiple points represents that wholeness.  It serves a reminder to honor individual viewpoints while working together.
  5. Create a Divine connection with Amethyst. Ranging from lavender to deep purple this gemstone has a long affiliation with spiritual development and attunement.  It is a perfect partner to hold during mediation or to add to your desk to create an environment of tranquility.

You have the power to change a situation through your actions and reactions. At one time or another, most of us have started out on a positive vibe only to be derailed with the unexpected negativity of an unhappy officemate or a stalemate of a meeting? You feel the impact internally as your stomach tightens and head throbs. 

Rather than stay mired in those feelings redirect your focus using crystal therapy and the power of prayer. Select a stone say a prayer and watch what happens. With consciousness, connect with the Divine during daily activities and you’ll feel revitalized, ready to move forward in life with excitement.  

Trust whichever stone you are drawn to is the right stone for you. The ones listed above are only a few of thousands.  Explore the treasure Mother Earth provides and enjoy the journey as you move from stressed out to serene with the help of crystal friends!

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Judith  Lukomski
Judith Lukomski is a caring, gifted intuitive, crystal energy worker, teacher, author and speaker. She connects with the messengers of heaven and earth to channel the vast wisdom of universal knowledge. Continue reading