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Heal Your Past Pain With Archangel Raphael

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Heal Your Past Pain With Archangel Raphael

Learn To Express Your Emotions Fearlessly
Charles Virtue
Charles Virtue More by this author
Jan 10, 2018 at 09:45 AM

As I share in my book Manifesting with the Angels, Archangel Raphael, who is known as the healing angel and the angel of healers, works with each and every one of us in our pursuit of happiness and purpose. The angels know very well how much emotional and physical pain affects every aspect of our lives, and Raphael is the main archangel working with us to heal from all of this.

When we hold on to emotional trauma and pain from the past, there is a certain amount of acceptance that goes into that retention.

We may harbor excuses as to why we hold on to this energy, such as: “It wasn’t my fault,” “I’m not ready to let go,” or, most commonly, “I don’t know how to let go of my pain.” However, the fact remains that as long as we allow pain, resentment, unforgiveness, or anger to stay within us, it remains a part of us, and the situations that caused those emotions never really end.

In relationships, for example, it is very common for heartbreak to cause people to want to spend a lot of time alone—or jump right into a new relationship before they have time to process and heal from the old one. Either way, the pain of the past caused the person to make a decision that was not consonant with their soul’s desire or guidance. We often make decisions in life that have nothing to do with what our hearts really want; instead, we make them based on what we feel will keep us safe from having to experience more pain.

The logical mind may rationalize this sort of behavior. Yet you have to realize that when enough time goes by—and enough decisions based on hiding from pain are made—it isn’t altogether uncommon to find you have deviated so far from your soul’s path that you may have no idea how to even start the
journey back to true happiness.

I can’t count how many first-date stories I’ve heard where the conversation turns to what each person doesn’t like in a partner and how they feel such relief and such a strong connection when they realize that they dislike the same things. The ego has a way of tricking us into believing that sharing dislikes means we are more compatible with a person. And while there is an argument to be made for why disliking undesirable traits is a good thing, my point is that we sometimes take this too far and become lost in our fears.

What the angels would like us to regularly do instead, not only on dates but in all aspects of our lives, is to focus more on the positive and the joy and excitement of what we are praying for.


Call on Archangel Raphael and ask to be healed from any pain that is causing you to make fear-based decisions. As with all the angels, the second you call on Raphael, he immediately goes to work.

Healing from pain is often seen as a long, arduous, and unpleasant process that most would rather put off as long as possible. When we work with heaven, though, we find that the exact opposite is true. You’d be surprised how much healing you can do without even realizing it.

We hold on to so much that we don’t need to, just because either we aren’t aware we are holding on to it or we assume that it won’t be easy to let go of. Angels are constantly guiding us to heal. My spiritually minded friends and I always laugh at how often, during a normal day in our lives, the
angels will guide us to suddenly remember a painful or irritating situation from the past. And we always know this recollection is divinely guided if we can still feel the power of the emotions from the situation as we process it. If this ever happens to you, know that it is a sign that you are ready to finally let go of that situation.

Exercise: Releasing Past Pain with Archangel Raphael

The first thing you should do is call on the angels to help you and shield you by asking them either out loud or in your mind, “Angels, I ask you to please come be with me and to work with me and protect me in this moment.”

There is no need to completely relive these moments, as I’ve said, but if you do experience any pain or low energy from these memories, it is very important that you not stuff it down or repress it. Know that the more you allow yourself to feel and process this pain in the presence of the angels, the
less you’ll be holding on to and the less you’ll ever have to experience from that situation again. Simply put, Raphael’s healing power works and you’ll find yourself feeling the relief of expressing your emotions a lot sooner than you may expect. It’s never fun to do this, but when you realize the benefit of finally letting go, you’ll be like me and you’ll rack your brain to get all the old junk out so you can experience higher and higher levels of energy in life.

Try saying this: “Archangel Raphael, I ask you to please come into my life and work with me. I ask you to please see me as I exist here in this moment and to please scan my body and soul. I ask you to please become aware of any pain from the past that I am holding on to—and I ask you to please begin working with me to clear it, as I am divinely meant to do. Please be with me as I process these emotions and please embrace me, reminding me that I am not alone. Raphael, I ask you to please stay with me throughout my daily life and work with me to constantly heal from the heavy and painful past.

“Thank you, heaven and angels, for helping to take this pain away as I honestly process these emotions for the last time. I thank you for being with me and giving me comfort as I allow the past to stay in the past, and as I allow my newly healed energy to guide me to my blissful future.” 


We humans have an amazing way of convincing ourselves that if we swallow the pain, we no longer feel it or are affected by it. This, of course, is completely false. The key to healing is honesty.

Being honest with yourself about exactly how you feel about a memory is the best way to release the pain of it. Many healers and lightworkers refuse to ever do so because they assume that since they work with angels, they are under an obligation to act like angels. They fail to process these strong negative emotions from the past because it feels so good to be in the light and love of heaven. And I understand. We all do this.

Know this: Heaven will never expect a human to act like an angel. We are not obligated to smile 24-7 or to always be happy. Obviously, angel work brings a lot of happiness, but the key to moving forward to a better tomorrow is to let go of any weight from the past you’re holding on to. We are allowed
to be emotional; we are allowed to get angry. Only the ego would believe that once we open up to work with the angels, we are no longer allowed to experience human emotions.

We are humans, and heaven expects us to act like humans So if you feel pain, please express it—you can always ask the angels to help you do so in a constructive and healing manner. Unexpressed emotions do not vanish with time; they do not get easier to handle tomorrow—they stay within us in a timeless state and have a profound effect on our all-around spiritual and energetic being. It could be said that getting angry is the most spiritual thing you can do, if it’s how you honestly feel.

Our souls are fearless. Because they can always see through situations to the true dynamic within, our souls do not like to hold on to conditions. The more pain we release from the past, the more we get in touch with our souls’ guidance. The more in touch with our souls we are, the easier it is for us to
get in touch with our hearts’ true desires.

The more we manifest and pray from the heart, the happier we are with the outcome. When we work with angels to manifest happiness, we are working toward true and lasting happiness. This can only come when we completely let go of the pain within us. Raphael makes this process easy and permanent. I don’t know about you, but I am very happy to leave the past in the past—and especially in situations where another person caused me great pain, I am very happy to completely release any and all connections to that person and the situation.

The freedom we feel from healing and the way our minds are suddenly more open to manifesting amazing things for ourselves is astounding. There is no need to be afraid of the pain from our past, and there is no need to attempt healing without the loving companionship of the angels. For more prayers and guidance for bringing your dreams into reality, see Manifesting with the Angels

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