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Healing On The High Seas

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Healing On The High Seas

James Van Praagh Offers Comfort For Those Grieving
James  Van Praagh
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Aug 05, 2016 at 01:15 PM

I’m sitting on the deck of a cruise ship, gazing out at the exquisite French Polynesian islands of Tahiti. This is one of my favorite places - the islands possess an otherworldly beauty and powerful healing energy unlike anything I’ve experienced on earth. I’m especially blessed to be sharing this space with over a hundred students and seekers who have come to be educated, enlightened and healed.

I’ve been gathering my group together every day in the ship’s grand salon to guide them through meditations and spiritual immersions, help them tap into their innate intuition, and to bring through messages from the other side. As with every workshop, I can never be 100% sure of where Spirit will lead me, and this week I’ve been drawn toward the healing arts.  

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Many people in the group have been struggling to come to terms with the loss of a loved one, and as I stand before them I can feel the toll grief has taken on every facet of their lives. If they are ready to be healed, they have come to the right place. A room full of supportive, like-minded friends and the restorative energy of the earth, water and air provide the perfect environment to clear and rebalance energetically.

How grief affects us.

When someone you love dies, you can expect to go through the grieving process of denial, anger, bargaining, sadness and acceptance. But depending on the situation, it’s possible to get stuck somewhere along the way.  In my work, I frequently see people who have been unable to process their grief. Losing someone they love, especially if that person is a child, can feel like a personal failure. They struggle with feelings of loss, guilt, and fear that make it difficult for them to function in their daily lives. These negative thoughts and emotions have real power, and if left unaddressed, can impact the well-being of the mind, body, and spirit.

We’ve all known people who hold onto their grief until it consumes them. I call people like that “professional mourners.” Their grief becomes an addiction, and they let their sense of sadness, guilt, and loss define them, dragging them down into a spiral of unhealthy behavior. They build a wall between themselves and people who can help them, abusing themselves, consciously or unconsciously, by passing up the very things that will help them to heal.

When you hold onto grief, every single one of your chakras – the 7 energy centers in your body that are the source of your mental, physical and spiritual well-being – can be affected. Only by releasing the blocked emotions can you let the energy flow and charge, balance and heal yourself energetically.

Healing starts with a shift in perspective.

When the dead speak to me, they often ask me to share messages like “I’m not dead – it was my time to go!’ and “I died once, don’t make me die every day with your thoughts.” Years ago I received this insight from spirit.

We are all here on this earth to learn lessons, and when our purpose has been served, we move on to the next step in our soul journey.

It’s natural to miss having a loved one with you in the physical sense, but when you truly believe that they are happy on the other side and want you to honor them by living your life to the fullest, true healing can begin.

Accept that your loved one wants you to be happy.

Understand that everyone in your life is with you for a season, a reason or a lifetime. In some cases a soul might need a very short time to achieve their purpose on earth – it's an agreement or contract, the soul makes before it comes here.  Your loved one wants to see you fulfill your soul purpose too. Loss can leave a beautiful legacy behind. Many times I’ve seen people inspired by the loss of a loved one do wonderful things in their memory.

Getting unblocked.

Once you have accepted that death is an illusion and that we are all souls here on earth to have a human experience, you are well on your way to healing. Take the next step toward vibrant health by incorporating good habits – meditate, exercise, spend time in nature, take a trip with people who support and inspire you. Stop asking yourself what you could have done, and let the power of forgiveness and gratitude heal every part of you!

Being in a supportive environment is invaluable for the healing process.  Why not join me at a workshop or demonstration? You can find out when I’ll be in your neighborhood by going to, or follow me on Facebook for a daily dose of inspiration, support and healing!

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