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Healing With Divine Love

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Healing With Divine Love

Dr. Christiane Northrup
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Nov 15, 2010 at 02:15 AM 0 comments

Some time ago, I received a book called Surviving Chaos: Healing with Divine Love—A Spiritual Energy Healing Process. This book, written by engineer and scientist Robert G. Fritchie, is one of the most practical, simple, and exciting manuals for healing I’ve ever found.

With the intent of using his success and knowledge to help people, Fritchie studied energy with Dr. Marcel Vogel of IBM, a man who held over 200 patents in the area of crystal technology for radios, computers, and televisions. Vogel sent Fritchie to study with physical healers, shamans, and other faith-based teachers. He found that all effective healing comes about when we invoke the power of the Creator and Divine Love—it’s the most powerful healing force available to us. To do this you must set your ego aside and accept that science and medicine as we know them today don’t have the ability or the language with which to explain how Divine Love effects changes in matter—or people’s health and circumstances.

Though Fritchie and Vogel originally worked with crystals as energy transmitters, it later became clear that we don’t need crystals. We ARE crystals. And each of us is capable of sending and receiving Divine Love. Divine Love is a powerful energy of unconditional caring that emanates throughout the universe from our Creator. The more people work together to call upon this Divine Love, the stronger the energy. And that, my friends is the amazing and highly practical message (and method) you will find in Fritchie’s book Surviving Chaos: Healing With Divine Love. So how do you use this energy? Here’s how Fritchie explains it:

Step one: Approach the Creator and Divine Love in the right manner—with respect, little ego (you are not God, though God works through you and for you). Have a willingness to serve the common good rather than just yourself.

Step two: Use the Power of a Petition. A Petition is an energetic tool, which is used to make an interactive request to align our thoughts with the Creator’s for the common good. When we think, our thoughts form an energetic cloud around us. We can intend that our thoughts be used in a constructive manner that’s in alignment with the Creator’s Will. To give you an example, here’s the general petition that you can customize:
“With my spirit, I accept Divine Love and focus it into my thymus. I surrender my will to the Creator’s Will. I acknowledge my [state a health or life issue here] and ask that the source of this [restate problem] be released and corrected in my system with Divine Love according to the Creator’s will.”

Step three: Connect with your petition by drawing in and holding your breath. Tell yourself to mentally focus on your thymus gland (which lies right under the breast bone just above your heart) with your spirit and Divine Love.

Step four: Recite the Petition mentally.

Step five: Slowly let your breath out.

Step six: Continue to focus on your thymus for 5 minutes.

This process can be done for someone else. You simply have them repeat the petition. And then you allow Divine Love to go to them. (You will feel it working in your system, too.) Remember, thoughts and energy transfer instantly throughout space. So this petition works as quickly for someone in another country as it does for those sitting next to you.

I often carry the book around with me and teach the process. A friend of mine recently recovered from her chronic sinusitis when we did the Petition together. In these rapidly changing times, we all need a practical, concrete way to help ourselves, our families, and our planet to heal. Divine Love is, bar none, the most powerful force available to accomplish this.

Fritchie recently published another book, which is also excellent. It’s called Apply Your Birthright: A Spiritual Solution to Your Health and Environmental Problems, and I highly recommend it.

Fritchie also holds regular Divine Love healing sessions for individuals with health challenges and to address environmental problems (and more). For more information, please visit Robert Fritchie’s Web site


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