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Healing With The Summer Solstice

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Healing With The Summer Solstice

An Ancient Tradition Made New
Deborah  King
Deborah King More by this author
Jun 20, 2016 at 09:00 AM

Are you ready to feel the power of your own invincible summer, filled with light and warmth and renewal? Why not use the arrival of the Summer Solstice as your own new beginning? The time is now! Falling between June 20 and 21 in the Northern Hemisphere, the Summer Solstice has always been a time of celebration for humanity. The longest day, the most sunlight, the marking of a new season of hope, the Summer Solstice is a magical and mystical occasion for recharging your mind, body, and spirit.   

Celebrations for the return of summer may have changed over the centuries, but they continue to be filled with joy and spirit. Now instead of lighting a hilltop bonfire, wearing a flower crown, or dancing in the village square, you can attend a Summer Solstice yoga class in Times Square or listen to music and watch a parade in Santa Barbara, California.

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.

And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.”

― Albert Camus

French writer and philosopher, Albert Camus, wasn’t always the happiest guy, but he sure could see the beauty of the human spirit reaching for the light. Invincible Summer! It’s a wonderful way to describe the healing power of the light all of us carry within.

The world gave me a bit of a push (over a cliff!) earlier this month, and guess what? It awakened in me a powerful new surge of love and determination to heal, to teach, and to bring you along with me on perhaps the greatest healing adventure of my life to date!

Why not increase your own consciousness and embody your self-awareness and higher self during this enchanted time? The Summer Solstice is a perfect occasion to let go of old destructive patterns and behaviors and focus on what you wish to bring into your life in the future. This is a time for you to invite the sun’s energy and connect with your higher self. It’s an ideal time to feel inspired, to follow your dreams, and to truly listen to Spirit.

How can you best embrace your own Summer Solstice celebration and welcome renewal into your life?  Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Live your truth: Listen to your higher self and do what feels right to you. The transition to summer is about letting go of the old to make space for the new. The sun’s energy is about power and expansion, so this is the time to move away from anything that diminishes your power—personal or spiritual. Perform a spiritual detox by clearing away tapes in your head from past authority figures, thoughts of self-doubt, or beliefs that you are not worthy or undeserving of love. Anything that diminishes your power also diminishes your spirit. Be true to yourself and restore your spiritual energy!

2. Nurture yourself: Reserve some relaxing time that is just for you –quiet time to let your mind and body refresh. Once you have released old patterns and returned to your truth, you need to prepare for fresh new Solstice energy to replenish your inner strength. Meditation is my first recommendation for slowing down, opening up and allowing the sun’s power to come in. Also, make sure you get plenty of rest, eat well, and keep up all your energy healing techniques so that your chakras are free and clear. During this powerful transition, give yourself time and space to adjust.

3. Get grounded: Spend some time outside and enjoy the healing sunshine! Connect with nature: hug a tree, walk barefoot, lie on the grass, take a walk, gaze out over a large body of water, listen to the music of the natural world--from birdsong to the rustle of the wind. In most parts of the Northern Hemisphere, summer is the traditional time for moving outdoors and away from the trappings of civilization that separate you from Nature. Let your senses rejoice in the fresh air, bright light, and warm energy of the summer.

4. Set new intentions: How do you want your life to change? Make a list of what you wish to bring into your life: people, qualities, events. Ask your Spirit Guides to help you in your healing process as you grow and change. Decide what you truly want. What is your true soul calling? Your prayer, journaling, and meditation practices will help direct your search for whatever you need to help you set your hopes and goals and focus your powerful new energy. It’s important to know where you want the strong and active energy of the Summer Solstice to take you.

5. Be open to change: Being aware, being open and being ready will increase the presence of this new energy within you! You’ve let go of whatever was holding you back, and set your intentions for what you want to accomplish. You’re ready to take steps to reach your goals. This Summer Solstice energy is fast-paced and ready to go. Allow the power to encourage you, increase your confidence, and give you strength. If you follow your true path and live in service of the light, any action you take will help to raise your own vibration, and that of the planet as well.

Embrace this great gift, the energy of the Summer Solstice, designed to move you toward your dreams. The fulfillment you are seeking in your life can be achieved! 

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Deborah  King
New York Times best-selling author, health & wellness expert, and spiritual teacher Deborah King was a successful attorney in her twenties when she was diagnosed with cancer, which began a quest for healing that would radically change Continue reading