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Heaven Help Us!

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Heaven Help Us!

Hay House
Dec 24, 2012 at 03:00 AM 0 comments

Do you believe in angels? Did you know that more than half of all adults in this country believe in these heavenly helpers? Or that 1 out of 5 people who say they are not religious believe that they have a guardian angel watching over them? That’s what a random survey by Baylor University revealed a few years ago.

In light of the challenges we tackled so far this year—struggling to keep our jobs, caring for our elderly parents, trying to pay our bills, and surviving sometimes severe weather conditions such as Hurricane Sandy—now more than ever, people from all walks of life and all regions of the world are placing their faith and trust in the angels.

“Your guardian angels are with you every moment of every day. They unconditionally love you, no matter what, and want the best for you,” says Doreen Virtue, angel expert and author of a multitude of Hay House books about angels. “They simply want to help us with whatever brings us peace.”

And the best part is—all we have to do is ask!

Since it’s the holiday season and a time when we cherish the angels around us even more dearly, I’d like to dedicate this column to these Divine messengers who are by our sides when we need them most. And if you’re searching for the perfect gift for the angel enthusiast in your family or circle of friends, here are a few suggestions for those Christmas stockings, Kwanzaa packages, Chanukah gifts and holiday presents that will be adorned with a ribbon of hope and love from our ever-present angels.

Top 10 Gifts for Angel Enthusiasts

The Angel Therapy Handbook (Doreen Virtue): This is the most comprehensive guide to learn anything and everything about angels, including who they are, how to communicate with them and how to give angel readings. A great gift for spiritual teachers, healers and writers. 

Messages from Margaret (Gerry Gavin): Here is the fascinating story about a skeptical man who reached the end of his rope and then reached out for Divine guidance. When he did, his guardian angel Margaret answered. And through automatic writing, Margaret is offering insights and predictions about the world and our future.

Archangels and Ascended Masters (Doreen Virtue): Do you know which archangel to invoke if you’re having car trouble or a relationship problem?  Do you know which Divine deity to call upon to help you with your addiction or a faulty computer? This handy reference guide lists 77 Heavenly helpers and their specialties.

My Angel Diary 2013  (Jenny Smedley) : Here’s the perfect appointment book for the busy angel enthusiast. It’s filled with angel-inspired wisdom, angelic tools for harmonious days, monthly angel stories, special meditations, daily angel messages and plenty of room to jot down notes. A wonderful way to walk with the angels every day!

Life Purpose Oracle Cards  (Doreen Virtue):  Are you in-between careers and struggling to discover your mission in life? Do you want to know your life purpose? Get ready to shuffle these cards and let the angels infuse wisdom to you for clear and specific answers about your spiritual path. 

Angels Whisper in My Ear  (Kyle Gray): As you read this moving book, you’ll take an emotional and uplifting journey with the UK’s youngest professional psychic medium and discover how to communicate with your angels and the Other Side. Includes incredible stories of hope from the angels.

Signs from Above  (Doreen Virtue and Charles Virtue): Do your angels send you signs? Do you see rainbows, coins or numbers that appear out of the ordinary? What do these signs mean? How can you ask your angels for more signs? This popular book will help you interactively communicate with the angels and confirm their presence in your life.

Angel Tarot Cards  (Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine): Here is the first tarot card deck that is 100 percent gentle, safe and trustworthy—fueled by angel power! You won’t find any harsh or intimidating images of skeletons or fools here. If you love angels, you’ll love this positive new spin on the popular mid 15th Century divination tool. 

Angel Kids (Jacky Newcomb): There are thousands of children around the world with enhanced sixth-sense abilities for communicating with angels, talking to deceased grandparents and remembering a life before they were born. Is your child one of them?  Read amazing angel encounters and learn tips on how to encourage these gifted children.

Daily Guidance from Your Angels  (Doreen Virtue): Start your day with an inspiring message from the angels! This beautifully illustrated gift edition features a daily channeled meditation from the angels along with a “Thought for the Day.” Includes handy ribbon bookmark. A limited supply of autographed editions also available!

Angels ROCK!
Donna Abate
Website Manager

P.S. Please join me in sending a brigade of angels, along with many prayers and hugs to our family members and friends (and YOU—our newsletter readers) in New Jersey (my home state), New York and all of the neighboring areas that were hit by Hurricane Sandy. Together with our donations, gifts, support, love—and the help of our Divine messengers, we will move forward to rebuild, recover and heal.

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