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Here Comes the Sun

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Here Comes the Sun

Louise Hay
Louise Hay More by this author
Jul 12, 2010 at 03:30 AM 0 comments

Every time you hear something is “incurable,” know that they have not yet discovered a cure it and you must go within to find your own solution. Know there is an Intelligence greater.

The sun is always shining. Even though clouds many come along and obscure the sun for awhile, the sun is always shining. The sun never stops shining. And even though the earth turns, and the sun appears to go down, it really never stops shining. 

The same is true of Infinite Power and Infinite Spirit. It is eternal. it is always here, always giving light to us. We may obscure its presence by the clouds of negative thinking, but that Spirit, that Power, that healing energy is always with us.

Let’s affirm: Today I release all inner resistance and doubt.

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