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How Are Your Subconscious Beliefs Shaping Your World?

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How Are Your Subconscious Beliefs Shaping Your World?

Introducing Matrix Reimprinting
Kate Marillat
Kate Marillat More by this author
Sep 01, 2014 at 11:00 AM

The power of our belief systems is unquestionable. Our beliefs shape our thoughts, provide fuel for our emotional reactions and shape our reality.

If we can change our beliefs, well, we can change anything!

Think about the placebo effect in science. The power of a “fake” sugar pill has been proved thousands of times. The work of biologist Bruce Lipton takes our understanding of how we can heal ourselves to a new level—once we are conscious of what subconscious beliefs we hold.

We have a myriad of beliefs, some of which are supportive and some which can create a whole host of problems as we attract events into our life that prove these beliefs to be true. 

Matrix Reimprinting uses the power of Tapping (EFT) and takes it into the Matrix or unified energy field. We receive case studies every day that show that if we can reimprint our beliefs, profound change happens on every level especially with the Law of Attraction.

After all, we don’t manifest what we consciously want, but what we subconsciously believe. “The world is a dangerous place” is a belief that when it is out of control can make a person hyper vigilant and send messages to the body that it isn’t safe which result in dis-ease. If you believe that “rich people are evil” then it will affect your abundance. Your powerful subconscious mind will stop you from getting rich, after all who wants to be evil? Believing you are unlovable will affect your ability to love yourself, others and to attract love into your life.

 Our beliefs are the glasses through which we view life.

Take a moment. What do you believe about yourself? Do you believe you are good looking? Healthy? Weak? Is the world full of love or a scary place to live in?

It’s time to play detective by doing a belief brainstorm with this exercise taken from my new book which I co-authored with Karl Dawson, Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life - Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT Tapping.

         Grab a piece of paper and write out some common core beliefs such as: 

-           The world is a dangerous place

-           I’m misunderstood

-           I’m unlucky

-           I can’t do what I want in life

-           I’m not good enough

-           I’m bad

-           Feel free to add your own!

  Take some time to be still, connect in to your inner place of peace. Use the tools you have at your disposal to tune in, such as meditation and tapping. Take some deep breaths and then look at each of the beliefs on the checklist in turn and ask yourself, “How true is that for me out of 100 per cent?” Note your reactions to each belief and where they emerge in different areas of your life.

Were there any surprises? Where are these beliefs showing up in your life? Is it time to explore these beliefs and imprint some supportive ones instead? 



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Kate Marillat
Kate Marillat empowers people to connect to their innate creativity. A Matrix Reimprinting and EFT trainer, she facilitates EFT tapping groups, trainings, and Transformative Creativity workshops, courses and retreats. Visit her website at: Continue reading