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How Bad Is the Economy?

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How Bad Is the Economy?

It’s up to you.
Alan Cohen
Alan Cohen More by this author
Apr 07, 2010 at 10:00 AM

My friend Penny owns a successful employment agency. During the depths of the economic recession she told me about two of her employees: Sandy charges a 15% fee to her clients, and Nancy charges a 30% fee to her clients. “Even though Nancy charges the highest fee in the office, she is by far the highest producer. Sandy hasn’t earned any commissions in a few months.”

These two agents worked in the same office in the same economy, and one of them was producing far more than the other. Moreover, her fee was twice as high as the lesser producer.

Financial and business success has a little to do with the economy, and a lot to do with belief, expectation, and consciousness. Nancy obviously had more confidence in herself and her expectation of what clients would be willing to pay. As a result, she netted the highest income in the office. Sandy obviously did not have the same expectation or skill. Both of their incomes were commensurate with their mindset and skills.

When people talk about “the economy,” the term is highly subjective and generally deceptive. Although authorities cite statistics that identify “the way it is,” it is not that way for everyone. Everyone is living in their own personal economy and creating results unique to their consciousness. There are always people who thrive in a bad economy, and people who flounder in a sound economy.  Individual consciousness determines results far more than external economy.

If you wish to thrive in any economy, pay less attention to statistics and more attention to your thoughts and beliefs. Remember that we live in an abundant universe in which prosperity is available to those who tap into it, and you can be the top producer in your realm.

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Alan Cohen
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