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How Can I Tell If My Child Is Psychic?

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How Can I Tell If My Child Is Psychic?

When imaginary friends may not be so imaginary!
Jacky  Newcomb
Jacky Newcomb More by this author
Jul 29, 2009 at 10:00 AM

Children are really amazing, aren’t they? They already live in a world of magic and enchantment. They create life and games from the simplest of things. Whole worlds emerge out of cardboard boxes. Simple housecoats and sparkly necklaces become costumes for princes and princesses, and aluminum foil becomes crowns and swords for kings and knights. Teddy bears and dolls emerge as special friends and important cast members. One wave of a tinsel wand and the magic beings.

But what of the childhood “imaginary” friends that many children play with? Are these invisible companions always made up, or is it possible that, on occasion, our children’s “make-believe” characters are real?

Many children have experienced things in their lives that seem impossible to our local minds. If you have no personal experience of psychic phenomena your mind will find it even more of a struggle, yet I promise you these things are really happening.

If you have a child in your family who is already exhibiting expanded awareness, or if you yourself have witnessed or experienced psychic phenomena as a child, then you are already one step ahead.

Some people have begun to classify different types of psychic children depending on when they were born and other distinguishing factors such as behaviors or appearance.

You might hear names such as “Indigo Child” (children exhibiting a lot of the color indigo in their aura or energy field, the so-called “first wave” of new children), “Crystal Children,” “Rainbows” (whom some believe to be the most recent wave) or more general terms such as “Children of the New World” “Sky Children” and “Star Children.”

Here are 40 behavior patterns and phenomena based around these new psychic children. Do you recognize any of these?

  1. Difficulty fitting into the traditional school system
  2. Spend a lot of time on their own
  3. Have “invisible” friends
  4. Have a close affinity to animals or a deep connection which seems to go beyond “normal”
  5. Animals are attracted to them and often seem unafraid
  6. Very attracted to crystals, water and other natural objects
  7. Become extraordinarily upset if animals, birds or even insects become hurt or die
  8. Suffer with allergies
  9. Get bored easily
  10. Have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder or similar, autism, or Asperger’s syndrome (among others)
  11. Sometimes show healing abilities
  12. Are drawn to  help others (especially other children) who are sick, frightened or in danger
  13. Want to change the world for the better and become disturbed at the way the public in general misuse the Earth
  14. See things or hear things that others do not
  15. Photographs often reveal that the children are surrounded by or next to balls (orbs) or flashes of light(not visible to the naked eye)
  16. Appear interested and knowledgeable about world issues at a young age
  17. Paranormal, unexplainable and unusual things happen around them
  18. Are sensitive both physically and emotionally, often picking up on the emotions of those around them
  19. Sometimes talk about living somewhere else before they came here
  20. Their social behavior appears “different” from the norm, or they have problems fitting in with normal social interaction
  21. Are blunt and truthful and balk at authority
  22. Often possess large or very expressive eyes
  23. Suffer sleep problems, nightmares or disrupted sleep
  24. Affect/interfere with or manipulate electrical objects around them
  25. Occasionally use difficult and complicated language beyond their age
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Jacky  Newcomb
Jacky Newcomb is one of the United Kingdom's leading angel experts and the author of the hugely popular book Angels Watching Over Me. She has her magazine column and appears regularly on TV. Continue reading