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How Do We Love Others?

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How Do We Love Others?

Louise Hay
Louise Hay More by this author
Apr 15, 2010 at 02:00 AM 0 comments

How do we love others? Accept them as they are. Allow them to be themselves. Stop trying to change them. Let them take care of their own growth processes. We can’t learn for another. If their behavior is detrimental to us, then we may choose not to be in their presence—and that is fine. We must love ourselves enough not to be brought down by self-destructive people. If we have many negative people in our lives, then we can look to see what pattern there is in us that attracts these people to us.

When we change, we drop our pattern and we become different, the others will also change in the way they relate to our new personalities, or they will leave our lives so that new people who will appreciate us are then able to enter. Whichever way it happens, it is always a positive move for us when we love and accept ourselves.

Another powerful tool for healing all relationships—family, work, casual, or intimate—is “blessing with love.” When someone is doing something to disrupt the harmony of your life, bless them with love. You can do it several ways. You can say, “I bless you with love, and I bring harmony to this situation,” or “I bless you with love, and ‘I’ release you and let you go,” or “I release you to your highest good.”

When we do this consistently, something happens on the unseen side of life, and the situation changes for the better. I have seen this process heal relationships of every type. Bosses have become pleasant, families express love, difficult people leave, intimate relationships become honest. Those of us who have practiced this blessing with love are delighted with the results.

Let’s affirm: I open my heart to more love every day.

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