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How Great You Are!

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How Great You Are!

Start counting the ways.
Michelle  Phillips
Michelle Phillips More by this author
Nov 03, 2011 at 10:00 AM

If you didn’t sleep through middle-school math, you may remember that the word unique means that only one object exists with certain properties. You are indeed unique because there is only one of you. No one else on Earth has your exact combination of beauty, passion, and drive.

I want you to list 20 things that are uniquely beautiful about you. Typically, most people can come up with 20 things wrong with themselves, but I don’t want those and neither do you! I want you to note 20 things that are great about you. They are there; you just have to be willing to look. For example, you might write that you’re creative, kind, outspoken, smart, and funny. Your list should also include physical qualities that make you stand out in a crowd, such as your sparkling eyes, graceful arms, or cute feet.

Don’t stop until you reach 20, and should you miraculously blow past that number, by all means, keep going. If you find yourself struggling, though, you could ask your beautiful people for help. Or you could say a prayer and write down what comes to your mind. Don’t be shy. I want you to truly see what is beautiful about you—and uniquely yours. Once you’re able to acknowledge your beautiful traits, seeing them every time you look in the mirror will become easier and easier.

Now look over your list. I’m guessing that the majority of items aren’t physical attributes. You acknowledged that there is more to your beauty than just appearance. Of course, this is something we’ve all heard time and time again, but now you have your proof. Your beauty comes from within.

Next, copy each of these qualities on an index card and put them where you’ll spot them frequently, such as your bathroom mirror, car, refrigerator, or tucked inside your purse. By doing so, you’ll have multiple opportunities to affirm the things that make you uniquely beautiful. If you have children, talk to them about what you’re doing. It’s an incredibly powerful tool to help shape their self-esteem, because they model their behavior based on how you carry yourself. So when you project a healthy, positive self-image, you’re teaching your kids (and for that matter, everyone else you come in contact with) to do the same for themselves.

Ready for some amazing news?

Those wonderful inner qualities never get old! In fact, they only get better and even more beautiful as you age. Your unique traits have been growing, deepening, and strengthening their roots every day of your life. In a world where so much value is put on maintaining a youthful appearance, your Beauty Blueprint will be a constant reminder for you to honor and celebrate your authentic beauty.

Everyone you have ever loved . . . every laugh, tear, and sigh you’ve shared with someone . . . every moment of your precious life . . . is wrapped up in you. All these stories of living and loving create the allure of a mature face. So remember that your beautiful qualities will only increase as you get older!

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Michelle  Phillips
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