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How I Used The Law of Attraction to Fuel My Career Success

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How I Used The Law of Attraction to Fuel My Career Success

Use The Principles Of Consciousness And Energy
Mo Faul
Nov 25, 2016 at 07:00 AM

You should see the stacks of books I had to donate during my last move (and I’m still sad for the loss).

I know my vibrational level increased as I poured my soul into reading the great words from these wonderful authors, learning ancient and new principles of evolving wisdom. But none of them had an office or a boss, who had no clue how to inspire me in my daily projects and tasks. As I read these texts, I felt that my career and spirituality were doomed to be mismatched. You can hear about this part of my journey on my Hay House Radio episode here.

“I will never be able to be evolved as long as I have to work for a living. What are my chances for lottery winning?”, I would tell myself. 



My Spiritual Angst

Years of agony and frustration as I climbed the corporate ladder seemed to add fuel to the fire of my spiritual angst. As a spiritual seeker, achieving my career aspirations always seemed to win out. I liked the life in my home, my clothes, trips, car, not having to say no all the time when the kids wanted something. And, every now and then I convinced myself it wasn’t that bad!

I told myself, “If I put enough effort into it, I can find some sort of satisfaction in the empty meetings and trumped up budget analysis. I know I can.”

So, I meditated in the morning, ran earlier, started yoga. I was sure that next book would have the answers! I obsessed about listening to CD’s on the way to work to lift me up high enough that the day’s downers brought me home in passable shape.

And then I learned how to bring my soul to work.



Bringing My Soul to Work

After years of struggling, I finally figured out a way to bring all of The Law of Attraction in my career and JOB. That’s right, I figured out how to cut through the perfection of all the books and use the principles of consciousness and energy to bring soulfulness to my career!

I am going to cover all the steps, because if you know anything about The Law of Attraction, you know you have to do all the steps. It is similar to The Law of Gravity and Newton’s cause and effect. It has rules that are unbreakable.

I used to think this was a BELIEF. Like ‘I was raised Catholic and now I believe in The Law of Attraction’, but no.  The Law of Attraction is a property of life!

Using the Law of Attraction in Your Career

There are 7 Steps in The Law of Attraction. The Law is just that a Law. It works whether we know it, like it or have any clue. You know that pile of crap job you have? Law of Attraction. You know that boss that ignores your contributions? Law of Attraction. You know the messy car because you have no time to clean and organize? Law of Attraction. All of our world is following The Law(s). But here is how you can break the pattern and attract what you truly desire in your career and life:

1. Create a vision

Yes, you must have a big idea of what you want in life and your career. I talk about it on my webinar, “Bring Your Soul to Work and Land Your Dream Job, 5 Shifts You Must Make”. You must create a clear and big enough destination worthy of you. Worthy of your talents, skills, values and your soul. Register here for the entire 5 Shifts Webinar. What is your next career move? Design it, think big, you can! I wanted a C-Suite role, I wanted influence and to make a difference and to grow a company and people. Once I got out of my own way and followed the rest, it all came together. More beautifully than I could have imagined. Along with people who are now life long friends!

2. Fuel Your Desire

Use emotions to set your desire on fire! Yes, literally you must get the vision and desire going with fuel. Emotions are the fuel in The Law of Attraction. This is super important. Attach emotions to your new you, new career, new life. FEEL it now! Before it appears, feel it now! Be that person now! I spend time on this during my FREE Clarity Calls. Book one now and get some emotions IN your desire. Imagine yourself in this next big job and feel awesome!

3. Knowing

Doubt will put the fire out. Critics will trample it. Your knowing is the essential piece to keeping your vision and desire alive. You place your order and know it is coming, imagine it here now. Knowing is not simply faith. Faith tends to leave too much to the unknown...we take the Law of Attraction and scramble it up when we say, “God has a plan for me.” or “It’s just not meant to be.” It is definitely not the river of “hope”, either. There is a gap between hope (focusing on what you don’t have) and knowing. I spent hours journaling my next job and who I wanted to be in the future. Knowing I was there. I took my focus off NOW and put my focus on knowing I was destined for more.

4. Acceptance

We must accept what we have now and not focus on what we don’t have. This acceptance is tricky because we are trained and wired to focus on our problems so we can fix them. All week long I help coach folks to see past what is in front of them. Accept you, accept where you are, release your judgment. Easier said than done, I know.

Acceptance is perhaps the most difficult because we have gotten rewarded so many years for DOING something. It still rings in my ears, “don’t just stand there DO something about it!” I recently released the home I was selling to a wonderful new family. The image of them enjoying the patio, the pool, and the neighborhood was so sweet. I accepted where I was in selling the house. Later, they told us they have a special needs son and the bathroom we had re-done to remove the bathtub was exactly what worked for them! Thanks, Universe!

5. Intention

This combines all of the above. Intentionality is about firmness in our desire, it is focus, it is an awareness that it is here. All aspects of life have an attractor pattern to this intentionality. Be a magnet of your desires, do not waver, do not shift, be intentional. This also means that when a job opportunity comes up that does not fit at all with your desire that you pause and reflect and let your intentional-ness back you up.


6. Action

This is the as-if phase of The Law of Attraction. Action taken in the spirit of the desire fulfilled has true magic in it. Do you place your order at the restaurant and follow the waitress, do you expect something horrible and wrong? (I certainly hope this is not the case). You sit back and expect the order to come as asked and actions are in alignment with it appearing. You act as if it is all coming together perfectly. Take action in alignment with it all working out for you. There is magic in knowing and declaring, “Everything Always Works out for ME!”

Where are you acting out of scarcity rather than acting as-if? Where are you pinching yourself off from your greatness because of fear?

7. Allowing

Oh yes! Similar to acceptance, but oh so much more elegant. Your best step forward is to resist pushing too hard. We step into the flow of the river moving in our direction and we float. As Abraham Hicks (see also Esther Hicks) is fond of saying, the path of least resistance. This does not mean getting on the sidelines and watching others play. It is giving yourself time to align and allow. There are many lessons, many punches in the gut (or face) that will come your way.

The Law of Attraction helped me create the attractor pattern for my desire! My career soared and I knew I was worthy. I released my resistance, I talked and thought of what I wanted and I left my life to the POSITIVE aspects of The Law of Attraction. For every desire, do not create a 

perfect reason it won’t happen. Stop creating mixed messages, allow, do not push so much. The Universe will respond accordingly.

Use these strategies to put to use this powerful LAW!

It is working FOR you, ALLOW it!

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Blessings on your career and life path. 

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