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How Responsibility Can Help Your Spiritual Growth

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How Responsibility Can Help Your Spiritual Growth

Understanding Soul-Level Responsibilities
Linda Howe
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Apr 23, 2015 at 01:15 PM

Early on in my awakening, I entertained the notion that being “spiritual” would magically render me my best self, leading a life of relaxation and opulence, spending my days sipping tea, meditating, and reveling in mystical moments. Conspicuously absent from my fantasy was meeting responsibilities. In fact, I thought being spiritually awakened would automatically render me exempt from all worldly responsibilities. This is embarrassing to admit, but true.

Fortunately, I recognized the ineptitude of my interpretation and grew to appreciate the transformational value of responsibility instead. Exploring and engaging responsibility led to a refinement of my personal and spiritual development, allowing me to become the best possible representative of the Light I can be.

In my book Discover Your Soul’s Pathway Through the Akashic Records,  I share my experiences with finding my spiritual path. Exploring the relationship between spirituality and responsibility in my Akashic Records through the Pathway Prayer Process, I discovered a state of awareness. This infinite, ever-present awareness empowered me to live in the world — just as it is — seeking and finding light, love, and goodness in everyone and everything, everywhere. By becoming increasingly spiritually aware, I have been inspired to participate, contribute and enjoy (rather than run away from) life. These insights into the nature of spirituality have resulted in a new understanding of responsibility.

The Spiritual Value of Responsibility

Early on, one of my goals was to become so spiritually attuned as to be relieved of all earthly obligations. Because of this limited and limiting belief, I withdrew from the world into isolation, selfishness and fear. I resented anyone who asked for assistance. I became lonely, cranky, petty, self-obsessed and stingy. And confused. I sincerely desired to live a life of effective participation, but had no idea how to achieve this. My heart was breaking. Underneath all of my misunderstanding, I wanted to freely express my love, generosity, enthusiasm, support and encouragement for others. Examining this dilemma in my Records, I began to comprehend the spiritual value of responsibility.

Throughout my life, I had admired others who were trustworthy, reliable and dependable. I saw these qualities illuminated in those who took their responsibilities seriously. I’m talking about authentic, soul-level responsibilities. Working in my Records, I was encouraged to consider responsibility as the transformer — the crucible for transmuting my personality into the optimal expresser of my soul's inner light. I got practical and took advantage of every opportunity life presented to be available, extend generosity, and assist others, no matter how mundane. I took my aging mother to the store, attended ball games with my son, made meals for my friends and neighbors. Gradually, by being responsible, my fears eroded.

Surprisingly, I found I could cultivate the traits I desired through service to others.

Precisely by meeting my personal responsibilities, I was able to enjoy the deeper spiritual connection I sought. Ordinary human interactions provided me a pathway to share deeper relationships with others, build self-esteem and respect. Ironically, as much as I originally wanted to acquire those characteristics through magic, I found this everyday, ordinary route of living responsibly to be more magical than I ever anticipated. Amazing!

True vs. False Responsibilities

Making a distinction between true, soul-level responsibilities and false responsibilities was particularly helpful. Transformation comes only through true, soul-level responsibilities. False responsibility is distracting, best recognized by feeling drained. After my father died, my mother was extremely lonely. My siblings and I moved her into a place with a full range of services to meet her escalating needs. And yet, no matter how often I visited, it wasn't enough.

She wanted more and more from me. I couldn't meet her needs and attend to my own. I straddled the line between true and false responsibilities. My responsibility as daughter was to provide my mom a safe place to live, meeting her basic needs and affording her opportunities to socialize and remain active. Her part was to attend to her own needs. Until I realized this distinction, false responsibility strained our relationship and drained me, rendering me unable to be responsive to my own family. Seizing my true responsibility to my mother fed me and gave me peace of mind. Having delineated true from false responsibilities, we were both more satisfied with our relationship.

To Distinguish Between False And True, Soul-Level responsibilities, ask yourself:

• Does this responsibility give me energy? Peace of mind? Satisfaction? or
• Does this responsibility drain me? Leave me resentful? Depleted?

You can physically feel the difference between false and true responsibilities, and then act accordingly. Infinite magnificence lies within you, longing to shine. Your brilliant spiritual essence wants to find its way out into Life. Express it by seizing your soul-level responsibilities. Consider responsibility a crucible through which you become the best possible you. Empowered by soul-level responsibilities, you can naturally share your vast inner riches with the world. Let them shine!


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