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How To Attract The Perfect Spirit Assistant

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How To Attract The Perfect Spirit Assistant

Connecting With The Right Guide For Your Work
Sandra Anne Taylor
Sandra Anne Taylor More by this author
Mar 27, 2014 at 07:00 PM

There are many different types of angels and higher guides who seek to help you with every success and in all of the areas of your life. First, you have your own guardian angels. Then there are the archangels, who provide particular service for the specific needs you hold. Yet besides the angelic realm, you also have spirit guides who resonate with a higher vibration than most of your family and friends because of their great impact upon humanity. These include great artists, composers, leaders, and prophets.

 Attracting Professional Assistants in Spirit

Just as they would in the physical world, your family members and friends in spirit often assist you with personal issues and some particular work situations. But also like the physical world, there are times when you need to employ the help of professionals—the higher guides and angels. Happily, the “professionals” in spirit are much more available than their earthly counterparts. And, the only cost to you is the time and effort it takes to develop your relationship and communicate with them.

Although you obviously already know your loved ones in spirit, the higher guides who come to help you with your success and greater evolution may not have any previous relationship with you (at least not in this life). In these cases, it’s the energy of your work that attracts your assistants. If you’re a writer, you’ll attract other writers from the higher kingdoms. If you’re a healer, you’ll receive guidance from fellow healers. If you’re an artist, artists will seek you out. Just as your thoughts, energies, and activities act as a magnetic field of attraction in your physical life, they do the same in the spiritual.

A Writer From The Spirit World

As a medium, I often do public events where I teach attendees to connect with spirit, and I also bring messages from the spirit world to various audience members. I remember a recent case where I very strongly “heard” from spirit the last name Clark and the first name Hilda. I shared the names (in that order) with the crowd, and for a few moments there was no response at all. I walked to a section of seats where spirit guided me, and I said the names again. Slowly a woman in the third row of that section raised her hand.

“I know of a Hilda Clark,” she said, “but I never knew her personally. She’s not widely known, but she’s my favorite writer.”

Now I’d never heard the name before that day, but Hilda didn’t seem to hold that against me. The messages flowed like water.

“Well, she knows you.” I said. “And now she’s showing me her pen, and she’s handing it to you. She’s telling me that you’re a writer, too.” The woman in the audience smiled and nodded enthusiastically. “You’ve drawn her to you because of your work and because of how much her writing resonates with yours. She loves working with you. She shows me the book you’re finishing now. She’s proud of it and you. She wants to let you know that there will be another book to follow.”

I continued to share more insights from Hilda. Then, excited and smiling, the woman confirmed what I’d said and thanked me for the message. “It’s important that you learn to visualize and meditate,” I told her, “so that you can connect with Hilda more consciously and really experience the contribution she’s making to your publishing success and in your life.”

With a happy new understanding of who her guide was, the woman promised that she would learn how to be more mindful of Hilda so that they could work together more directly in the future.

When dealing with the higher guides, you can call upon the greatest thinkers in history. You can choose to reach out to those who have inspired you personally, or you can wait to feel the embrace of those who come to you without being called. The spirit of Hilda had arrived unbidden in order to help that budding writer to succeed.

Connecting To Your Spirit Helpers

One of the ways in which you can help build a greater relationship with the higher guides whom you seek to know is to find out more about them through books, movies, music, and memoirs. Familiarize yourself with their work, their lives, and their contributions to the world. As you develop strong relationships with your individual higher guides, it’s important to know that these are still members of a team. You must continue to nurture all of the bonds you have with your people in spirit. Each one, in his own way, has something to contribute to your success—emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. And just as you would in the physical world, you not only need to cultivate existing relationships, but you also need to stay open to fresh opportunities and new connections. There’s always an opening for new players on the team.

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