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How To Attract What You Want Using A Creation Box

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How To Attract What You Want Using A Creation Box

Experience The Thrill Of Manifestation
Esther and Jerry Hicks
Esther and Jerry Hicks More by this author
Jun 18, 2014 at 05:00 AM

Do you want to give the Universe more specific information about the things that you desire most to attract them into your life? Then it’s time to create the Magical Creation Box. To begin the Magical Creation Box process, find a nice-looking box, one that is pleasing to you when you see it. On the lid, in a conspicuous place that you will easily notice, write the words: Whatever is contained in this box—IS!

Next, gather magazines, catalogs, and brochures, and leisurely look through them for whatever you would like to include in your experience. Then clip out pictures of anything that exemplifies any desires that you hold: pictures of furniture, clothing, landscaping, buildings, travel destinations, vehicles; images of physical characteristics; photos of people interacting with one another . . . if it feels appealing to you in any way, clip it, and drop it into your Creation Box And say, as you drop it in, “Whatever is contained in this box—IS!"

When you are away from your box, continue to gather more pictures, and then drop them in when you return home. If you witness something you would like to experience, write a description of it, and drop that into your box. The more things you find for your box, the more the Universe will deliver to you other ideas that match them. And the more ideas you drop into your box, the more your desire will be focused. And the more your desire is focused, the more alive you will feel—for this Energy flowing through you is what life is.

If you have little or no resistance—in other words, if you have no doubt that you can achieve these things, the experience will feel invigorating to you. The more you clip, the better you will feel, and you will begin to see evidence of these things moving closer and closer into your experience. Doors will begin to open to make it possible for many of these things to easily come in right now.

If you are usually a good-feeling person who has not established strong habits of feeling unhappy about not having the things you have put into your box, you will experience the immediate positive result of feeling more focused and more excited about life, and the things you have put into your Creation Box will begin to manifest in your experience right away. In other words, for someone who has not been practicing thoughts of resistance, this process will be all that you will ever need to create a wonderful life: You ask; Source answers; you let it in. You ask, and it is given.

If you are enjoying this process, it is serving you in a powerful way; it is helping you focus upon the things you desire; you are practicing the attainment of a consistent vibration that matches your desires; and you are experiencing Deliberate Creation. And, most important, your good-feeling emotion is telling you that you are in the receiving mode right now. Your attention to this process is helping you maintain the vibrational frequency that is required for you to allow what you are asking for into your experience—you are practicing the Art of Allowing.

You could play this game as a mental game only, but it is so much more fun if you actually get a box and drop in things that represent your desires. You will begin to notice that when you put something in your Creation Box that does not have a pattern of resistance, the Universe will bring it to you right away. The things you drop into the box where you do have patterns of resistance will take more time in coming.

As you deliberately put things into your Creation Box, you will be more aware of when you are thinking about something that you would not want to experience. Your relationship with this Creation Box will help you recognize the power your thoughts hold.

We want you to feel the fun and joy of the process. Often, when you get something that you have been wanting, your feeling of elation is very short-lived, but this game will give you the opportunity to savor the things that you desire longer. And then, the thrill of the manifestation, even though short, will be all the sweeter.

Once you begin this process, you will just be knocked over by the effectiveness and efficiency of the enormous Non-Physical staff that responds to your vibrational requests. When you ask, it is given, and as you play with this Creation Box, you will learn to let it in. In our new 2 DVD set, Laying New Pipes - Cancún we share more about how to manifest and reawaken the wholeness within you. Below is a clip from the DVD set where we answer a question from an audience member:

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