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How To Attract Your Soul Mate

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How To Attract Your Soul Mate

Using Your Imagination To Attract Love
Lisa  McCourt
Lisa McCourt More by this author
Feb 12, 2014 at 09:00 AM

You’re a HealYourLifer, so I know you’re savvy on the idea that the best way to bring anything into your life is to feel grateful for it in advance. But when it’s February and you’re surrounded by thumping hearts and creamy chocolate . . . and your own true-love Valentine has stubbornly refused to materialize. . . it can be tough to stay grateful and positive. Yet, that’s what you must do! Focusing on the lack of romantic love in your life is the surest way to stay Valentine-less through February and beyond.

Recall How You Felt When You Fell in Love 

Think back to the last time you did feel the scrumptious flow of happy romantic connection. When you were enjoying that blissful period in time, inevitably there were moments when you were not in the company of your beloved. But during those moments, you still felt the juice of the connection, didn’t you? Falling in love with someone allows us to view ourselves through that person’s eyes. Falling in love feels so good because we’re really falling in love with us.

Vividly recall what being in love felt like, right now. Use your imagination the way you used it when you played pretend-games as a kid—when you could try on any identity you fancied and become that identity for the make-believe game you were playing. Imagine that in-love feeling so vividly you feel the chemical changes in your body. This is the tool you’ll use to manifest your lover.

Do This To Attract Your Soul Mate 

To attract a fabulous big-love relationship, tap into that juice as often as you can. No matter what you’re doing, vividly pretend your yummy lover is already a solid fixture in your life. Pretend he or she just ran to the store for milk. Relish the connection before a real-life ideal lover appears, and the Universe will have no choice but to bring you one.

I was recently co-hosting a radio show when a listener called in with an intriguing situation. She had made a spirit connection with a deceased famous actor and believed she had at long last found her soulmate. She described how in love they were, how strongly she felt his presence, and how happy their union made her. Determined to disprove the caller’s fantasy, my co-host asked if she had orgasms with her spirit friend. The caller assured us that she did.

I asked her if they were exclusive, or if she’d consider dating a presently alive person. She replied that she would date a living person because she believed that her spirit lover could manifest as a “walk-in” at any time. When this happened, she explained, he would not remember their cross-dimensional relationship, but they’d recognize one another as soulmates.

Bingo! To my co-host’s dismay, I told our caller to keep doing everything she was doing. She had found a unique way to act as if the perfect love she wanted were already a reality, so I knew she was vibrating at the right frequency to speedily draw such a love to her. When the caller hung up, my endearingly jaded co-host asked if I actually believed she was having a relationship with the dead actor. “Who cares?” was my answer. I had no idea whether or not that kind of thing was possible, but it didn’t matter. What mattered was that our crazy (or not) caller was in a juicy-receptive state for real love to find her.  

Did you pick up on my implied suggestion with the details I shared about our caller’s cross-dimensional love affair? Do whatever works for you to get as unabashedly vivid as you possibly can when you imagine how you want to feel with your partner. It’s your own imagination, so why would you scrimp on the juice? The more lusciously decadent and thrilling you can make your imagining, the more time you’ll want to spend with it, and the more successful you’ll be at raising your vibration to attract big, big love.

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