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How to be Prosperous NOW…Despite all Evidence to the Contrary

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How to be Prosperous NOW…Despite all Evidence to the Contrary

Dr. Christiane Northrup
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Sep 29, 2008 at 01:15 PM 0 comments

Okay—I know the financial crisis is a huge deal right now. And I also know that though it looks and feels like the end of the world, it’s NOT!! It’s the beginning of a big financial healing that had to happen. Suze Orman calls this a spiritual crisis. And I certainly agree. Like the menopausal transition in an individual’s life, this financial crisis is a “breakdown to breakthrough” moment in the history of our culture!

One of the things I know for sure is that money is a manifestation of energy—it is nothing more and or less than the symbolic representation of what we value. And for too long, our society has valued over-extension, greed, growth at any cost, and quantity over quality. We have put things and money first, not people and relationships or the things that bring true health and happiness. In short, we built our economy on a premise that could not survive indefinitely.

I absolutely know with every cell in my body that this is all going to work out for the best. Why? Because money begins with an idea. It’s not “real.” And if we can each get our priorities and values straightened out, than money will get balanced too.

As many of you may know, my financial education didn’t even begin until I went through a divorce. What a wake-up call THAT was! I began in earnest to work with the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity as written by Catherine Ponder. (I also devoured everything Robert Kiyosaki wrote, including Rich Dad, Poor Dad). One of the concepts that really made a huge difference back when I was most terrified about money was the idea of “radiant Divine substance.” Ponder calls this substance the energy that is behind all material wealth. Which makes perfect sense given that matter and energy are interconvertible, meaning one reflects the other!! Ponder teaches that substance, though infinite, is also passive. It waits for you to deliberately mold it and shape it with your thoughts and beliefs.

During those dark days when I wasn’t sure I would be able to pay the mortgage, let alone put my two girls through college, the idea of Divine Radiant Substance really galvanized me. Here are two of my favorite affirmations about this idea. (From Catherine Ponder’s The Millionaires of Genesis, De Vorss & Company, 1976.)

I returned to them repeatedly whenever fear around money took over my consciousness. And before too long, the fear lessened a great deal.

“Divine Substance is the one and only reality in my financial affairs now. Divine Substance heals me. Divine Substance prospers me, Divine Substance establishes order in my life and in my financial affairs now.”

“Divine Substance cannot be withheld from me. Divine Substance cannot be taken from me. Divine Substance is the one and only reality in my financial affairs now. Divine Substance is manifesting the wealth of the universe in rich, appropriate form here and now. I am sustained and prospered by the infinite riches of Divine Substance.”

In addition to affirming that you can attract all the Divine Radiant Substance that you need, in whatever form you need it, let me also caution you about watching the news. It won’t help you!! Another important thing is not to panic, even if you’re watching your savings go down, because panic simply blocks Divine Radiant Substance from manifesting in your life. If you focus on it, you’ll soon see evidence of Divine Radiant Substance in every aspect of your life!!

There—I hope this makes you feel better. It sure helps ME!!

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