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How To Choose Words That Will Change Your Life

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How To Choose Words That Will Change Your Life

The Best Affirmations To Inspire And Motivate
John  Holland
John Holland More by this author
Feb 22, 2017 at 04:00 PM

Words have the power to inspire, heal, and transform. Just as they can have a positive effect, they can also be hurtful, especially when directed at ourselves.

Do you really want to know how someone’s life is going or why it’s the way it is? If so, it’s important to actually listen to the words they use. I believe that you are the embodiment of your words. For example, if someone is constantly talking about misery and despair, then it’s most likely that their life is a reflection of what they’re saying. We all know someone in our lives like this. It can even be draining to be in their company. You come away feeling exhausted, as inadvertently, they are really sapping your precious energy whether you realize it or not.

My family had a rather unique mantra as I was growing up, namely: “We never have any luck.” I grew up believing this and set my expectations accordingly. Of course, it’s not the sort of affirmation I'm suggesting here, and even though it wasn’t exactly a positive one, it was an affirmation nonetheless. If a child or someone else is told often enough that they’re dumb, useless, or stupid then that kid will eventually live the life of those words.

In some cases, it can have damaging long-term effects, and I’ve met many people through my work who suffer to this day with the effects of such negative affirmations. The sad part of these stories is when they adopt the characteristics of those negative affirmations for themselves.

When you hear people saying negative things about themselves, they don’t seem to realize that just by saying them, it can manifest a negative personality trait. I’m sure you’ve heard people say: “I am a loser,” or “I am so stupid,” or “I am trouble.” The use of the very words “I AM” is very powerful, as it encompasses your whole being and everything that you are. Equally, they can be magical words if you just learn to watch the other words you combine with “I AM,” and understand the proper way affirmations work, and the power they hold.

An affirmation is a statement asserting the existence or the truth of something. To affirm simply means to make firm. Every word you speak or think is in itself an affirmation. Affirmations can be used in all areas of your life. To use affirmations properly and effectively, I have listed a few pointers to start you on your way to affirming the life you want and deserve.

Always use the first person when stating positive affirmations. For example: "I am healthy.” “I am calm and balanced.” “I am beautiful." “I am now following my soul’s guidance." These are also great: “I attract.” “I choose.” “I have."

When using affirmations, always remember they’re meant to be used and affirmed in the present tense, in the here and now. For example, they should not be used like this: “I will have a good relationship someday.” By saying it that way, you’re signaling to the Universe that it’s not important right now for a relationship, but sometime in the future. This is how it should be said: “ I am now attracting the perfect relationship into my life.”

Repeat affirmations frequently and often. Speak or write out your affirmations 10 to15 times in a row, once in the morning and once in the evening. You can’t expect to say them just once and instill any power in them. The more you say them and believe them, the more power you’re giving them, and better the chance of you manifesting them.

Choosing Your Words Carefully

Experiment and have fun when making up your own affirmations.

Here are a few examples of affirmations that I like to use:

I trust my intuition and myself.

I am a beautiful expression of life.

The universe is conspiring in my favor.

I now choose to bring positive energy into my day, as well as my life.

I attract all that I need in my life that is for my highest good.

I am strong, balanced, and here in the now.

I am love.

Try writing your affirmations in your journal

Have fun, you may prefer to write them in large letters or make them different colors. Stick them on post-it notes on your computer, your bathroom mirror, or wherever you can see them. Say them as often as you can, so that you have positive boosts throughout the day. As you continue to work with affirmations, you’ll start seeing the inner workings of your soul and spirit reach out to help you achieve all your wants and desires in your outside world.

I wrote this blog post with the hope of getting you to a point where you can believe that having what you want is in fact possible, and to acknowledge that the spirit force that runs through your soul wants to bring it to you.

Live a Soul-filled life!

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