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How To Connect With Your Guardian Angel For Ascension

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How To Connect With Your Guardian Angel For Ascension

Call On Your Guardian Angel And Take The Next Step On Your Ascension Path
Diana Cooper
Diana Cooper More by this author
Apr 03, 2018 at 06:15 AM

We are living in the most turbulent of times as we approach a new Golden Age on Earth. Although challenging, this period provides an unprecedented opportunity for spiritual growth, and angelic beings from across the universe are reaching out to you to support and guide you on your path to ascension. Your very own guardian angel is with you to help you fulfill your spiritual destiny and raise your vibration. With their guidance, your life will be enriched, and you will feel happier and more satisfied as you see all from a higher, enlightened perspective.

Who is Your Guardian Angel and How Can They Help You?

Angels are high-frequency spiritual beings who are messengers of the divine. They do not have free will, for their only purpose is to serve God. You have your own personal guardian angel, who remains with you throughout every one of your lifetimes to love and support you. Your guardian angel holds your divine blueprint – the highest potential for your soul – and it whispers to you constantly to help you to fulfil this potential and be all you can be. Whenever you experience a moment of inspiration, you can thank your guardian angel for illuminating your path.

Your guardian angel loves you unconditionally no matter what you do, say, or think. If you make a wrong decision, they will patiently stand by you and help pick up the pieces. In difficult times, your guardian angel will put its wings around you to comfort you and raise your frequency. All you need to do is consciously connect with your guardian angel and allow their love and support to flow in.

All challenges and problems vibrate at a low frequency. If you ask your guardian angel for help, it will show you how to raise your vibration so you are at a higher frequency than that of the problem. The problem will be unable to find you and you’ll have overcome the setback to learn the lesson it offers you.

If your soul decrees that you need to have an accident as a wake-up call or face a challenge to learn lessons of spiritual growth, your guardian angel must stand back and allow you to experience it. However, if it is not your time for a challenge or to die, your guardian angel will always step in and save you.

Synchronicities and coincidences are organized for you by your guardian angel. There is no such thing as chance; your guardian angel is always helping you to meet the right person, or see the advertisement for that special job, in order to bring you the opportunity you need. When something lucky or fortuitous happens, remember to thank your guardian angel.

When you are ready to move forwards on your ascension path, it is your guardian angel who helps you to accelerate your progress.

How to Connect with Your Guardian Angel

Angels work on a golden vibration of peace and wisdom. To connect with your guardian angel, imagine the colour gold surrounding your aura. Visualize your outbreath becoming golden and forming a ball of light around you, enabling you to feel calm and peaceful. Mentally ask your guardian angel to touch you and trust that it is doing so.

You now have the opportunity to ask your guardian angel for guidance, share something with it, or ask it to speak to someone else’s angel on your behalf. You may simply want to relax into the feeling of being embraced by your guardian angel.

How to Listen to Your Guardian Angel

Your guardian angel is always trying to communicate with you, but you cannot receive its messages if your mind is too busy or negative, so take a moment to focus on something happy, beautiful, or loving. Then, take a deep breath. As you slowly release it, say, ‘Calm and centered’. Repeat this as many times as you feel you need to. If you practice regularly, you will soon find you only need to say this once for your mind to become receptive to anything your guardian angel wants to drop in. This exercise is a very quick way of preparing yourself to listen, and can be practiced anywhere and at any time.

The Journey to Ascension

Ascension is about raising your vibration so that you live in the fifth dimension. This is the frequency at which you feel belonging, love, happiness, and deep contentment, and can also connect with the angelic realms. When you ascend you’ll automatically help others to do so too, and it is decreed that our entire planet will move into this state of oneness by 2032, when the new Golden Age will begin. Eventually this Golden Age will be at a higher frequency than the legendary Golden Age of Atlantis. At that time everyone lived in soul satisfaction and had wondrous psychic and spiritual gifts. They also had awesome crystal technology, which we are destined to resurrect and surpass. All of this spiritual potential is already encoded in to our DNA.

I started my own ascension journey through meeting my guardian angel and I hope that, through communicating and working with your own guardian angel, you are inspired to raise your vibration and open yourself up to communing with many other angelic beings including archangels, dragons, unicorns, and ascended masters. These powerful beings will aid you on your ascension journey, help you see the world from a higher perspective, and fulfill your highest spiritual potential.  

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