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How to Connect with Your Guardian Angel Through Writing

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How to Connect with Your Guardian Angel Through Writing

Kyle Gray shares a great method for getting in touch
Kyle  Gray
Feb 10, 2015 at 06:00 AM

Your guardian angel is the best gift you’ve ever been given. They’ll always look after you. They’re standing by your side right now, pouring their love into you. When you learn more about them, you’ll realize that they’ve loved you unconditionally since the time of your creation.

In my previous books Angel Prayers and Angels Whisper in My Ear, and when I’ve spoken about angels, to make things easy I’ve said our guardian angel is given to us at birth. But the real truth of the matter is we connect with our angel before we come to Earth.

Our soul knows our guardian angel. I like to think of the soul and the angel as best buds. They’re in constant communication with each other, they don’t like to lose sight of each other and they’re connected through love. So, even if you haven’t connected with your guardian angel so far in this life, you’ll already know them.

When you do connect with your guardian angel, it’s like coming home. They remind you of the things you’ve forgotten and the purpose of your life. They are your protector and your guide.

You can speak to your guardian angel and they can speak to you. They’ll do this through your intuition and spiritual senses. Their energy is subtle, so their communication won’t be in your face, but if you’re alert and prepared for it to happen, you’ll begin to feel their frequency.

‘Dear guardian angel...’

A wonderful way to connect with your guardian angel is to write them a letter. They’ve been with you through every up and every down and it’s always wonderful to take the opportunity to acknowledge them.

It may not have been easy to get to the point you’re at now and your guardian angel may have helped you through many challenges. Think of times of hurt, illness, emotional difficulty, feelings of being alone... You weren’t alone – your angel was there.

Take some time to write them a letter to tell them how thankful you are to have reached this point on your journey and to have realized that they are with you now.

Thank them for any synchronistic events or signs you have received that could be due to them and thank them for where you are today. If there’s anything else you feel is important to share with your angel, now is the time. Think of them as an amazing counsellor and know that they’ll read your letter without judgement. How miraculous is that?

When you’ve completed your letter, put it into an envelope and seal it. You can keep it at the back of your journal or in a special place. Many people like to burn their letter as a symbol of transformation. Do what feels right for you.

Editor's note: Angels by Kyle Gray is out now and is part of the new Hay House Basics series of books.

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