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How To Crank Up Your Manifesting Mojo

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How To Crank Up Your Manifesting Mojo

Get yourself in the zone with these tips from Laura Leigh Clarke
Laura Leigh Clarke
Laura Leigh Clarke More by this author
Jul 27, 2015 at 07:00 AM

In manifestation, you hold an intention and the Universe naturally responds in an unseen field, so that the world around you morphs and bends to fit.

An easy way of explaining it is that you become a heavy weight when it comes to making a dip in the manifesting field. How do you do that? By increasing your available energy. This doesn’t mean going on a rigorous exercise regime! It means cultivating your high-energy emotions in order to raise your internal frequency, and allowing the low-energy emotions to leave.

High-energy emotions are, of course, feelings of love and acceptance. Courageousness is also an incredibly powerful feeling. It’s true what they say about courage not being an absence of fear, but a willingness to step up in spite of the fear. In fact, in this way, courage almost marks the move from the destructive emotions (such as fear, grief, greed, and pride) into the positive, high-energy ones.

Step 1 

So to crank up our Manifesting Mojo we hold the intention of staying in our high-energy emotions and allow the lower-energy ones to move out as we let more and more of them go.

We become lighter and have more energy available to use when we release emotional baggage. This is where this strategy comes into its own. The more baggage we drop, the more energy we have available to affect the world around us. Not only that, but the more baggage we drop, the more thoughts we release, and so the ones that are left are more powerful simply because they aren’t being counteracted by all the negative baggage.

Step 2

Another thing to be aware of is that the world looks very different when you’re vibrating at different energy (or emotional) levels. You may have experienced this yourself: perhaps you can recall a time when you felt very fearful and worried about everything; then compare this to a period when you felt completely happy and at peace with the world. In a state of fear, everything feels risky or even dangerous, but when you’re feeling at peace anything seems possible.

So how can we use this insight to manifest more of what we want in our lives?

When we release the heavy emotions that are causing limitation, our energy naturally lifts, like throwing sandbags out of a hot-air balloon. At this point we find ourselves more able to manifest what we want, rather than what we fear.

Our thinking shifts. Our energy system changes. We find that things that used to bother us, don’t anymore. We discover that as we let go of all the emotional and complicated baggage, we relax into a deeper trust in ourselves and the Universe. We start to see everything as intricately interconnected. We see the symmetry of our own minds projected out onto the screen of the world about us. We become more able to take responsibility for creating our world and every detail within it. 

Step 3 

Remember that our thoughts create our physical experiences in the world. The physical world around us changes, too. This goes against conventional logic, but when you experience it you’ll see for yourself. It’s almost as if you start living in an alternative reality where different rules apply. Happy coincidences occur. People who were previously difficult just stop giving you a hard time. Money problems resolve themselves.

What’s more, as you can probably deduce, people who occupy high-energy states such as peace and acceptance, are not only more powerful in a congenial and cooperative way, but are happier more of the time. They are also much happier more of the time.

Another great thing you will find as you spend more time in the high-energy emotions is that even little increases in energy can have a massive effect on your world. It becomes easier and easier to have things the way you like them, but the trick is to keep releasing the baggage, so that you don’t get stuck.

You see, one of things I have noticed is that as soon as things start going their way and their Mojo increases, people have a tendency to stop doing the very things that make this happen. It’s like getting really fit, and then sitting back and saying you don’t need to go to the gym anymore. The key is to keep setting goals and clearing out resistance, and you’ll keep your Manifesting Mojo in tip-top condition.

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