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How To Find Love and Prosperity In The Akashic Records

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How To Find Love and Prosperity In The Akashic Records

Create Successful Future Intentions With These Tips From Sandra Anne Taylor
Sandra Anne Taylor
Sandra Anne Taylor More by this author
Nov 16, 2016 at 07:30 AM

What do quantum physics, inspiration and discovery, your present circumstances, and your future destiny all have in common?  All this—and so much more—can be found in the Akashic Records, the compendium of knowledge that spans from the infinite past into the unending future.

The term Akashic Records comes from the Sanskrit word Akasa meaning sky or ethers.  This aptly represents the vast expanse of vibrating consciousness that fills the records with limitless information and opportunity.  You yourself can tap this incredible resource to heal stuck patterns, receive inspiration, and manifest the very solutions you long for in your life.

Although this concept has been studied since ancient times, many modern people have never heard of the Akashic Records.  Those who have often consider them to be a somewhat archaic concept that only holds past-life information and isn’t at all applicable to the desires and even the difficulties of daily life.  But this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  The records are a vibrating field of information about the energetic and natural worlds, and they hold every bit of Universal knowledge—from the wisdom of the ancient societies to the undiscovered truths of the quantum physical world.  They also hold all the facts, energy, and experiences from each soul’s eternal existence, past, present, and potential future.

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Since the records hold unlimited information about literally everything and everyone in the Universe, most people use the Akashic Records as a way to investigate how their past-life records could be influencing their present patterns.  In fact, your personal records hold every bit of information relating to how such issues as love, finances, and health have played out throughout your eternal life.  These and all the experiences and emotions of past lives are written in the records that you have brought into this life, and those records are influencing you even now.

Your relationship records hold some of the most important information regarding the experiences of your present life.  Patterns of how you relate to people and how they relate to you, the types of people you attract, and even the pattern of not being able to attract anyone at all—all of these current issues could point to the possibility that you are reliving your past-life records.

Such was the case for a client of mine that I call “the lonely postman.”  When we looked at his past-life Records, we found he had a life as a pony-express rider—someone who rode horses to deliver mail to the farthest western reaches of the U.S.  In that life he had fallen in love, but felt he shouldn’t tie down the young lady because he was often gone for months at a time.  So he determined that, “Love wouldn’t be right,” and he wrote that conclusion in his records.

He brought those records and intentions into this life, and interestingly enough, he brought the profession, too.  He delivered mail again, but this time he stayed close to home.  He also unwittingly repeated the loneliness he had chosen in that life; but he used the technique below to release those old records, and he finally gave himself the freedom to fall in love.  He also programmed a happy, successful relationship in his Future Records, affirming that he deserved to find true love—and that it was safe and right for him to do so.

It didn’t take long before he met the girl of his dreams.  With further research we found that it was the same girl he had left behind in that past life, and in fact, she even had the same first name!  This isn’t uncommon.  The records connect us and influence our lives in countless amazing ways.

If finding real love has been difficult for you, you may actually be carrying records of intentional isolation, which you may not even be aware of.  If so, there are things that you can do to shift this pattern.

In order to open and read a past-life record, you can do the following meditation.  Visualize yourself going to your Record Library.  Get comfortable there and ask for information about any stuck issue you have in mind.  You may see or sense the influencing past-life event on a screen or perhaps in a book.  You may just get a feeling of what happened in the past to create the present pattern.  Just let yourself be open to whatever information may come up.


Once you have an idea of what the source may be, take a moment to visualize yourself writing a new record reversing the negative experience, one where you feel empowered and where the result is a happy, honoring, and fulfilling one.  Visualize a joyous event playing out and healing the negative influence.  This changes the energy of that record along with the impact it has on your current issue.

But if you prefer, you can resolve your present issues or problems simply by creating a visualization of success and planting it in your records of the future.  You can also enlist the assistance of a record angel or guide to carry your intention into the Universal Records where it will be acknowledged and fulfilled.  This reveals how truly remarkable the Akashic Records are in their power and scope.  The past and the future converge in this present intention, and you can use this time to create new records for the present—and for the immediate and long range future!  In order to establish new, successful events in your Future Records, follow these steps:

1.     Have the details, images, and emotions of your joyous visualization already planned out in your mind.  Use only one goal per programming session.

2.     Breathe deeply and let yourself relax.  As you do, gently let your consciousness float to your Record Library, where you meet your guide or record angel.

3.     Continue to relax, and let yourself happily watch the wonderful images of your successful outcome play out on your Record Screen or come to life in your future Record Book.  See or sense them unfolding just as you desire.  Feel the joy that these images bring.

4.     As the image starts to wrap up, affirm that you are placing this experience into the records of your future reality.  Then visualize your guide or angels lifting the image into the energetic realm, the realm of all possibilities.  As they do, thank them and know that they will be working on your goal as well.

This process combines the power of visualization with the strength of Akashic Record creation.  It also brings in the incredible energy of the Record Spirits, which accelerates the intention far beyond mere visualization.  You can apply this process to any endeavor you desire, including physical healing, career success, romance, and increasing prosperity.  Whatever stuck pattern you may be facing, you can change it by placing new images and energies into your future records.

This was the case for a client who had been dealing with issues of ongoing poverty.  No matter what job she got, she was always just getting by—and sometimes not even that.  She wanted to breakthrough this constant striving and get a promotion that would secure her financial security.  She did the process described above and supported that with affirmations about deserving unlimited abundance, which she also planted in her Akashic Records.  It took a few months of peaceful yet persistent repetition, but in time she found out her supervisor was retiring and recommending her as his replacement!

These are just a few cases where people have used the Akashic Records to change their lives.  The amount of information, inspiration, and energy that they can open up to you will enrich your life in ways you can’t even imagine!  In fact, once you begin to open the record doors and tap the discovery, power, and spirit there, your life will never be the same!

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