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How To Find Your Purpose In The Akashic Records

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How To Find Your Purpose In The Akashic Records

Look Into The Akashic Records And Discover Your Destiny
Sandra Anne Taylor
Sandra Anne Taylor More by this author
Feb 21, 2017 at 02:45 AM

All of the information you will ever need – regarding yourself or anything else – is available to you. Your purpose, your goals, your very next step, all of these can be found in your Akashic Records. These Records are a vibrating storehouse of unlimited information and energy, an ever-present resonance that expands in your life and in the universe itself.


At their core, your Personal Records are a map of your soul’s path through eternity, revealing everything about yourself, including your past influences and your present purposes. Your soul has its own directive for coming to this Earthly experience. In fact, there could be a number of purposes that are compelling you – even without your conscious knowledge. These deeper intentions include your spiritual and personal purposes, as well as your purpose in the world.

Your spiritual purpose might lean to such pursuits as connecting with spirit, releasing inner conflict and establishing genuine peace – or perhaps surrendering attachment to certain people and things and finding a purer form of happiness within. Such endeavors can be closely related to your personal purpose as well, for your psychology is closely linked to your spirituality.

Your personal purpose runs through the experiences of your daily life. What kind of mental and emotional life do you want to create? Most people don’t give much thought to this, but it’s an important part of your reason for being here. Your soul’s directives may be telling you to let go of patterns of fear and worry, or to raise your courage and speak your truth, or to finally learn how to be more loving toward yourself.

Understanding and navigating your relationships can also be a part of your personal purpose. Whether they are romantic, platonic, family, or even professional relationships, they can hold many challenges. You may need to learn how to honor yourself and communicate your needs, or even how to let go and live in freedom. Your Akashic Records are already speaking to you, so take a look at your life, and if you’re honest with yourself, you will be able to see what your soul is calling you to do in your personal relationships and beyond.

Some people think that having a purpose in the world means the action has to be taken on a worldwide – or at least broad – scope, but your purpose in the world can be far reaching in more subtle ways. Being a loving and supportive parent can be one of the greatest purposes in the world – and the effects of your choices in that pursuit can reach forward in time for generations to come. Your world purpose may also be found in your professional and creative endeavors, the action of which reaches out as well. You may be called to be a teacher, or an artist, a healer, or a computer programmer. All of these things serve the world in different ways, so it’s important to find a purpose that resonates with your heart as well as your spirit.


In this way, you’ll find your pursuits will overlap. For example, if you learn to love and value yourself more, you will be happier and more peaceful in your family and personal life – and more creative and productive in your work and in the world. Your sense of fulfillment will grow, and each pursuit will be enhanced by your intention to live on purpose. Soon you will be on the road to arriving at all of your goals, personal, worldly, and spiritual as well.

Unfortunately, some people don’t know what their purpose in this life is. When things change, they often feel lost, wondering what they should do next. You can use the Akashic Records to find this out for yourself. Even if you now know what your soul’s directives are, it’s often enlightening to look at your Book of Purpose to get more clarity on how to achieve your best results, here and in the future.

The following technique can help you gain access to this information and can bring guidance about what your next steps should be. You can use this process whenever you need clarity about a specific goal, relationship, or personal pursuit of any kind.

Exercise: Your Book of Purpose

This meditation process takes you to your Book of Purpose in your Hall of Records. You may ask any kind of question regarding your goals or desires for change, including your spiritual, personal, or relationship purpose, or you could just open it up and read the insights you find there. Invite your soul to direct you, then simply follow the steps of the process. Let yourself receive guidance on what your purpose is and be open to what steps you can take to achieve your goals.

1.    Get into a comfortable position. Take a deep breath and relax. Let your consciousness drift gently down into your heart center.

2.    Continue to relax as you feel the peace of your heart center filling you up. Let yourself imagine a stately building in front of you, with a sign that says, ‘Your Hall of Records.’

3.    Enter the building and look around. You notice in the center of the room is a tall wooden table or podium with a beautiful, large book on it, and you see your name on the cover with the words, ‘Your Book of Purpose.’ Know that the wisdom and power of your eternal self brings information through this source, including any guidance you seek about your purpose – or anything else.

4.    Take a moment to state your intention or ask a question, and as you do, you start to notice the book in front of you open up, flipping to just the right page to give you the guidance that you seek.

5.    Slowly the book settles on a certain page. You may notice words written on it – or even an image floating above it. Let yourself see or sense whatever feels natural to you. This information helps to reveal your purpose or answer your question. Just take a moment to get some details now. You may receive a word or a phrase, or just a simple image. Even if you only get it in bits and pieces at first, rest assured the information will fill in over time.

6.    Let yourself calmly receive the information. You feel a sensation of understanding and receptivity as the seed of purpose touches your heart. And then you start to notice the pages of the book flipping again, falling open to give you more insight.

7.    Just let yourself receive and accept. You may intuitively know what this new information means, but you will also receive deeper understanding as time goes on. Know that the wisdom of the world is available to you.

8.    And now you can let it all go. You know you can come to your Hall of Records any time. All the guidance you need is ready to be received.

Your Akashic Records are always available, always waiting. Whenever you have a question about your purpose – or anything else – you can turn to your Hall of Records. Open your heart and mind to the wisdom waiting there, and you’ll be amazed at the change and achievement that come your way!

Editor's note: You can also learn how to work with the angels in your Akashic Records in this video below. And if you'd like to delve deeper into the Akashic Records, take Sandra Anne Taylor's new online course about the subject over at

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