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How To Know When Angels Are Near

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How To Know When Angels Are Near

Angel signs to look for
Denise  Linn
Denise Linn More by this author
Dec 28, 2013 at 09:00 AM

Although some people have reported seeing angels, most aren’t seen but can be felt or sensed. There are several ways of telling if an angel is present. The wonderful fragrance of flowers often accompanies them; and sometimes they announce their arrival with a slight breeze, even if all the windows are closed. (This is caused by the flutter of their wings—yes, some angels do have wings!)

You may hear something resembling the sound of bells, chimes, or trumpets when they’re around. Oftentimes people observe bright lights which indicate an angel’s arrival. But the most common way is simply the feeling that there’s an angel present . . . it’s like an arm wave of love washing over you. If you sense that you’re in the presence of an angel, you most likely are.

From archangels to your guardian angels, all of these compassionate beings are bridging your physical reality with their pure spiritual energy. The more that you trust and believe in them, the more they will pour their blessings upon you.

Angels have been waiting for us to be ready, and now is the time. Multitudes of angels will make their presence known in the years ahead, as we heal old wounds from the past and step into the future.

Look for Signs

Sometimes guidance from the spirit realm comes in the form of signs. After loved ones pass on, it’s not uncommon for a “sign” to appear to let everyone know that they’re okay. I’ve heard from numerous people about their own personal experiences with this. Just before my father died, he said that if there really was a heaven, he’d put a big M in the sky. (He laughed when he said it because he was an atheist and believed that heaven didn’t exist.) A couple of weeks after his death, I was driving a van full of my students when someone shouted, “Look, there’s an M in the sky!” (I hadn’t told them about what my father had said.) We all piled out of the vehicle and there—in the clear blue sky—was a perfect letter M.

Look for signs in your own life. This is the way that your angels, ancestors, and spirit guides communicate with you.

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Denise  Linn
 Denise Linn's personal journey began as a result of a near-death experience at age 17. Her life-changing experiences and remarkable recovery set her on a spiritual quest that led her to explore the healing traditions of many cultures, includ Continue reading