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How To Lead A More Meaningful Life

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How To Lead A More Meaningful Life

Dr. Wayne Dyer Shares 3 Benefits of Changing Your Life Direction
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
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May 10, 2016 at 09:00 AM

Editor's Note: Today Wayne Dyer would have been celebrating 76 years here in this earthly realm with his friends and loved ones. To mark the occasion we know he would be happy to make even more of his audio products available to everyone by discounting them 76%!

The direction we take in life is far more significant than the place ego parks us, in the present moment. For example, inquiring about what direction we’re headed is more valuable than focusing on how much we weigh or when we had our last cigarette. Making a commitment to change a self-sabotaging way of life is making a commitment to change direction, and then we head toward weight loss or addiction control. Heading toward something more purposeful and meaningful is even more significant.

Changing Life Direction

If we persistently listen to the demands of the ego, we move away from our Source of being. The ego insists on pursuing more: more stuff, accomplishments, status, triumphs, and money. More is the mantra of the ego, fueling endless striving with a false promise of eventually arriving. However, every assured arrival point is seductively transformed to a desire to strive for even more, unless we choose to make a shift in the direction our life is taking. The shift begins in the process of halting the momentum and self-importance of the ego. Then we must proceed with the work of derailing and re-routing it in the opposite direction. This doesn’t mean we lose our drive; rather, it signifies that our drive is realigned with a life based on experiencing Meaning and feeling purposeful.

Ambition will now be fueled by our Source of being, rather than by ego. Heading back to our natural Source puts us on track to a way of life that supports the potential wholeness that we are.

Here are 3 benefits of changing our life direction and making the return trip from Ambition to Meaning:

1. Ego’s repetitious insistence to do and have more becomes less attractive. Changing direction from a less-than-authentic existence to an authentic one doesn’t mean that we’re no longer able to attract abundance and prosperity, or that we lose our desire to be productive. It does mean that we feel the natural bliss of being tuned in to our wholeness.

We begin to shift from doing more to doing less. On the journey back to our original nature, we do more of what the recovery movement teaches in that we “let go and let God.” Without pressuring ourselves to achieve at all costs, we attain the wondrous position of accomplishing more, and we ultimately feel more significance in our life.

We begin to shun the spotlight and function more from the shadows. Our Source of being says that humility should be our primary focus. But for years, ego has been effectively convincing us that we must focus on acquiring a reputation for being an ambitious person. Imagine the difficulty ego has when we begin practicing this kind of radical humility.

2. A belief in unity replaces our belief in separation. Our Source of being tells us that we’re all connected, so we start feeling less competitive—our desire to dominate is replaced by compassion, and controlling others is no longer appealing. All conflicts, be they in our personal life or the larger world, stem from heading away from our Source of being.

3. We begin realizing that we’re connected in Spirit to everything we perceive to be missing from our life. When we head in the direction of where we reconnect to our Source of being, the journey is typified by an alignment in which we think and act like the Tao that flows everywhere. As we move in this direction, there’s no possibility of shortage or lack. We become content and grateful for all that we have.

We begin trusting the wisdom that created us. We abandon the material ego focus and can no longer see ourselves as separate from God. As we become one with our Source, we begin the realignment process, thinking and contemplating more like God.

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