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How To Prepare Yourself For Enlightenment and Mastery

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How To Prepare Yourself For Enlightenment and Mastery

Discover The Inner Workings Of Ascension
Diana Cooper
Diana Cooper More by this author
Jul 01, 2016 at 03:15 AM

Mastery is the ability to control your energy systems and maintain your high frequency whatever is happening to you. ‘Walking mastery’ is a term applied to those who are living in a physical body while maintaining the upper levels of the fifth dimension. This occurs when you contain a high percentage of light in your four-body system – your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This light is drawn into your aura when you pass tests and initiations sent to you by your soul.

It is possible for everybody on earth right now to become an enlightened ascended master. Your decision to achieve this depends on your personal intention as well as your soul contract. In the current climate of possibilities, the seven billion people on this planet can all reach this level. This opportunity for fast spiritual promotion is unique to the current time and to this planet.

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The blueprint for walking mastery has been provided by the 1,500-year Golden era of atlantis. The people of that time demonstrated how it could be done and their example is one of the foundations of this book. The information we need is encoded in each one of us who had an incarnation during that period.

In that Golden era, the high Priests and Priestesses lived on the upper levels of the fifth dimension. They were in constant communication with seventh-dimensional beings and were able to live for very short periods in the sixth dimension. however, even those extraordinarily evolved beings could not maintain this level for long while occupying a physical body. At the sixth dimension they had to manage the energies around them with the power of the mind and the assistance of crystals.

Everybody, whatever their level, including children, undertook mind control training in the Golden era of atlantis in order to maintain the physical life they envisaged around them. This was done without ego and this was what allowed them to be walking masters.

Ascension from the third dimension involves building a pure crystalline light body, known as a merkabah. This is the geometric form created by your energies and your soul blueprint. When your 12 fifth-dimensional chakras are fully active, your soul beams down a tetrahedron to hold your physical vibration. This is made up of two interlocking pyramids, forming a three- dimensional six-pointed star. The next stage is when you balance your divine masculine energy with the divine feminine, and at this point your merkabah becomes a ball, for the circular shape, without corners, can hold more light.


The phase we are moving into now involves an expansion of the existing light bodies of all those in the fifth dimension. The chakras become translucent, losing their individual colours as they shimmer with the spectrum of white light, and a unified column of light is created, expanding from the heart centre in both directions. The heart chakra is the core of the ascension process driving the path of mastery. As the heart becomes stronger, the ego starts to lose its control and becomes obsolete. This happens when the master has passed the soul tests of the heart. These are crucifixions chosen before incarnation.

Each of the 12 chakras contains heart energy and an individual growth programme planned before birth. This creates a very challenging pathway for those dedicated to seeking enlightenment. earth is by far the fastest and toughest school in the entire cosmos. However, the spiritual rewards are vast and prized beyond our comprehension throughout the universes.

In order to incarnate on this planet your soul must be at least a seventh-dimensional frequency. This may drop dramatically as you go through the Veil of amnesia into a physical body and start your learning process. For some, it continues to reduce as karma is balanced from previous existences. Many souls are choosing this particular lifetime to redress all lessons and clear out everything before the start of the new Golden age. This is one reason why the people on earth appear to be having such different and difficult experiences now.

When you have learned from and overcome these lessons and experiences, incredible changes occur. The heart initiates the human process and pushes it forwards. As this happens, the consciousness of the soul evolves. You want to pursue a lifestyle that is loving, co-operative, sharing and interconnected with the whole of humanity.


This expanded outlook allows you as a master to be aware of who you really are. You know that you are spirit in a human form. This realization alone completely changes every aspect of your life, as then you bring Christ consciousness into every thought, word and deed. These changes are occurring now in people worldwide. It is predicted by the Intergalactic Council that by 2032 the entire vibration of earth and its inhabitants will be fifth-dimensional.

Although the process of mastery affects all souls as individuals, it is a group operation. This is because every soul who wakes up from the heart affects the energetic state of everyone and everything around them. Also, heart communication between sentient and non-sentient life forms on earth happens instantaneously. A master radiates an open heart and this allows one with a closed heart to see the reflection of who they truly are. As they see this reflection, the facets of their own heart can awaken. So, masters create masters, simply by being in their purest essence.

Walking mastery is the divine heritage of every soul on earth.

In the coming years there will be new waves of sudden awakenings as people everywhere are touched by the rise in dimensional vibration. Unlike the initial wave of humans who have awakened slowly since the harmonic Convergence in 1987, these newly conscious souls will find themselves in their chosen roles overnight.

To become a walking master, you must undergo and pass a considerable number of challenges and initiations. For those who have been waking slowly, this has been a long process. a rapidly awakened master, however, will have worked through their tests unconsciously. To these souls, understanding and realization come instantly. They instinctively embrace the universal flow as the true workings of Source become reality. Energy and information are immediately channelled to them via the fifth-dimensional heart chakra, offering a higher angelic perspective. As the ego takes a back seat for the first time since the fall of Atlantis, all illusion will be dispelled, to be replaced by enlightenment.

With the process of ascension fully underway, many masters are now remembering the souls with whom they shared their previous incarnations. Vast soul groups, all coming from the same monads, original divine sparks, are drawing together to anchor their soul light into powerful pools of energy. Working together instinctively, these clusters of people are drawing higher spectrums of Source light into the specific areas where they live. This is speeding up the higher vibration of the planet and allowing it to be fully anchored.

This in turn is clearing large bands of collective karmic energy from countries that need purification. When the souls working in this way consciously focus their intention on this vision, it speeds the process yet further.

Earth and its inhabitants are starting to remember the real meaning of the power of love.

Constantly standing by are the higher forces. as Illumined Masters of earth, their role is becoming one of gentle guidance rather than full interaction. at the same time, the frequency bands within which humans and the angelic realms operate are becoming closer. This is making it easier for earth and all on it to ascend.

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