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How to Rethink Your Relationship with Technology

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How to Rethink Your Relationship with Technology

Being Mindful of Every Minute
Bronnie Ware
Bronnie Ware More by this author
Sep 12, 2018 at 02:45 PM

In a world where every fabric of our lives can be represented, advised, misinformed, or enticed by technology, it takes courage to live from grounded, self-influenced decisions and actions instead.

Technology is a fabulous tool. It can also be a destructive one. It connects you to worlds you may have never known of otherwise while disconnecting you from your own guidance and real-life relationships.

Choosing to view the usefulness of technology with detachment and consciousness brings immense freedom.

By applying mindfulness to your online patterns, you treat the sacredness of your time with respect and reverence. To be sucked into the vortex of the web, losing hours being led through a numbing maze of information, most of which can take you increasingly further from your desired search, is the opposite of recognizing the precious gift of your life.

Stumbling somewhat unconsciously through technology can waste hours, which culminates into days, weeks, months and years. Do you want to look back on your life with regret for how little you used your power of conscious choice or do you want to be satisfied that you used technology for the fabulous benefits it offers, while still remaining the master of your time? 

Does viewing the lives of celebrities actually enhance your own unique life?

Does it matter what the inside of a stranger’s house look like?

Are so-called ‘wellness experts’ truly qualified to guide your individual body to its absolute peak or are they just amazing marketers and image creators?

Does shopping through online stores really leave you (or your wallet) feeling fabulous?

Do sites that are even potentially inspiring and educational offer clearer guidance than what a walk in nature and fresh air actually will?

While there is a wealth of fabulous and even accurate information online, sifting through the nonsense and misleading material is time-consuming. There is also a wealth of information already within yourself, suited to your own life circumstances, simply awaiting some space from the mental clutter to be heard.

Do you want to read how to be a great parent or just be so, by giving your child more time and attention?

Do you want to cripple your feet in the shoes that someone else is showing off on Instagram or be self-assured enough to wear comfortable shoes, allowing your natural style and confidence to radiate?

Can hours spent in email conversation, most of which can be misconstrued without facial expressions or full context, ever come close to the enjoyment of lunch shared in real-life conversation and laughter?

Do text messages bring the same delight of hearing a friend’s actual voice, where the subject can be covered with much more clarity and understanding?

Does reading about the (heavily-filtered) perfect lives of others have any relevance to how amazing you already are as an individual?

Do you want to read about travel endlessly or do you want to grasp the thrill of discovery through your own adventures, awakening new parts of yourself in the process? Even local adventures can be much more exciting than just travelling via a screen and someone else’s interpretation of a place.

Do you want to go to bed each night with satisfied tiredness from a day and evening well-lived or stumble off to bed with a busy mind and bloodshot eyes from staying on screens longer than intended, yet again?

Do you truly need inspiration from others or just the courage to get offline and create enough space to hear your own inspiration?

Do you want to waste your time being sucked into information that may or may not be useful or do you want to bring more consciousness to purposeful use of your sacred time remaining?

When you dare to use death as a tool for living, by understanding that you are actually going to die, you recognize that your time is ever-diminishing. Every single minute of your life is precious.

Apply as much consciousness as possible to how you use your time when online.

Technology has its place and is wonderful on numerous levels, but so is life offline. In addition to applying mindfulness to your daily use of technology, gift yourself with a regular digital detox. A week or two completely offline every six months offers an incredible reset and recharge for life ongoing. The world will keep turning if you take time out.

Society only changes as individuals do. It is up to you to tell the world how you operate. The world will try to keep taking from you, pulling you in as much as possible. But the world will not be there when you are lying on your deathbed, wishing you had used your time better.  Only you will be, along with reflections on how well or badly you exercised your power of choice.

Time is precious. Use it as mindfully as possible.

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