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How To Summon The Power Of The Moon For Healing

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How To Summon The Power Of The Moon For Healing

World-renowned Mexican Healer, Sergio Magana Explains
Sergio Magaña
Sergio Magaña More by this author
Nov 30, 2016 at 10:00 AM

In my book, Caves of Power, I describe 7 of the 20 caves of power the ancient Mexicans believed that once activated have ways of working with our inner self. The 7 correspond to a series of actions we can carry out in the tonal, the waking state, for self-empowerment. The other 13 correspond to actions we can only carry out in the nahual, the dream state.​

Earlier this month I described in detail how to activate the healing power hidden within us the First Cave: Tonal (you can read it here).  Today I would like to delve deeper into the second cave: Mahcuilmetztli.

In my opinion, the second cave is one of the most important for healers, because it empowers the hands. The ancient Mexicans always took the relationship between the physical body and the cosmos into consideration in their healing practices. Bearing in mind that ‘Mexico’ means ‘the place of the moon’s navel’, the relationship between the hand and the lunar cycle could not be ignored.

So this cave is known as Mahcuilmetztli, ‘the five moons’, as there are five lunar phases and we have five fingers on each hand.

These relate to one another as follows:

1. The Dark of the Moon:

This takes place one day before the new moon. It is the most important phase of the moon because it takes you back to the state of nothingness, Centeotl, Black Eagle, in order to create. It is symbolized by the thumb.

2. Waxing Moon:

This phase enables you to nurture what you have created so that eventually it can blossom – manifest in a beautiful way. In other words, it allows you to grow anything you want in your life and the lives of your clients and the other people you help. It is symbolized by the index finger.

3. Full Moon:

This phase provides you with maximum intensity so that all that you have created in the earlier phases can blossom. Obviously, it is symbolized by the longest finger on the hand, the middle finger.

4. Waning Moon:

This phase allows you to reduce what you have created but do not want anymore, to destroy problems that could escalate (from aches to diseases for example) and to remove problematical emotions from your life and those of your clients. It is symbolized by the ring finger.

5. New Moon:

This phase is a time for starting new cycles and is symbolized by the little finger.

Exercise: Summoning the Power of the moon

To truly have the power of the moon in your hands, you need to summon it and ask it to support you. Go outside during each of the five moon phases and use the corresponding finger to summon the power of the moon:

1. Thumb

At the dark of the moon, summon the power of the dark moon to your thumb by pointing your thumb upwards and saying, ‘Xihualhui [chi-wal-wee],’ which means ‘come’ in Náhuatl, for nine minutes. Ask it to allow you to create whatever you wish.

2. Index Finger

When the moon enters the waxing phase, do the same, only this time using your index finger and asking for the power to make your creations grow.

3. Middle Finger

On a full moon, do the same with your middle finger, evoking the power of the full moon to make your requests and healings blossom.

4. Ring Finger

On the waning moon, repeat the process with your ring finger, asking the moon to enable you to reduce your problems and, if appropriate, your patients’ problems. s Finally, at the new moon, repeat the process with your little finger, this time asking the moon to create new cycles in your life and your patients’ lives.

5. Little Finger

Finally, at the new moon, repeat the process with your little finger, this time asking the moon to create new cycles in your life.

Remember, the more you practice, the more you’ll be able to use the power of the moon. Also remember that according to the ancient Mexicans, the moon can bring you fortune or disgrace.

To learn more about all 7 Caves of Power of the waking state, see my book, Caves of Power.


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