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How to Use the Power of Your Mind

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How to Use the Power of Your Mind

Redefining Your Vision
Drew Canole
Drew Canole More by this author
Oct 11, 2018 at 11:45 AM

I hope you're ready to seek more, be more, and do more!

In my book, You Be You, you will implement tools to live a full, healthy, and happy life. A life aligned with true purpose, meaning, and incredible amounts of awesomeness are here! 

We’re going to do nothing short of using the power of your mind to blow your future right open. I’m talking about redefining time itself and becoming the master of the infinity of dimensions in which we all exist. This is the much-anticipated self-empowerment phase.

So what is time? In one sense it’s a linear system we use to organize our experiences. Some things happen, and after that other things happen, and then after that maybe we have an appointment for a fancy lunch (fun!) or the DMV (not so much!). It gets dark, we go to sleep, it gets light, and we wake up and run through the routine again.

But in another sense, that’s all just an illusion. It’s a system we made up because it matches our sensory perceptions, and it’s so much easier to just deal with what seems to be in front of us rather than digging deeper.

In the soul space, time is much different. It isn’t constrained by linear notions. Instead, everything possible—and I mean everything—is happening all at once, in this and in all other dimensions. If this is your first introduction to such an idea, don’t worry too much about wrapping your head around this mind-blowing theory.

Here’s the takeaway: That future you envision, where you’re living an all-encompassing, richly fulfilling life-based on your deepest purpose? It’s already happening somewhere in your reality. You’re already living it, even if you don’t see and feel it right now. It isn’t just some future possibility, it’s a real path, accessible immediately. I don’t mean to say that you’ve simply been coming home from work and going to the wrong house, of course. But what I am getting at is that there is a reality to your visions that goes well beyond insubstantial hopes and plans for your seemingly hard to reach future.

This is where a soul map comes in. A soul map is what you get when you take your whydentity—your truest purpose—and couple it with the concept of time as merely illusory.

When you marry these two powerful truths, you realize that your purpose is something that truly transcends your life. It existed before you were born, and it will continue to exist even after the physical vessel you’ve been given to inhabit during this cycle releases your spirit. Your ideal life also exists in this space. There really is no end and no beginning. It just is. That ideal life is right there, always, just to one side or the other, and all you have to do is shift your thinking to access it.

All right, Drew, you’re thinking. I suppose now you’re going to give me the magical tools I need to make this radical shift?

One—there’s nothing magical about them. (Well, maybe a little.) Two—of course, I am! You didn’t think I was just going to toss that out there and bail, did you? This chapter will provide you with a set of incredibly powerful techniques to help you not only envision your purpose-driven life but also close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


Vision Casting

Vision casting is a powerful technique that rests on the belief that whatever dream, desire, or goal we have in our hearts is possible, and when we resonate that frequency, we cause it to be fulfilled. This process expands us beyond our present moment and allows us to join with the highest version of ourselves. It works by creating visions, which then create feeling responses in the body and shifts in the subconscious, which in turn begin to attract the reality of those visions.

How does this relate to our previous discussion of time as an illusion? The power of this technique comes from the knowledge that your transformation is already complete.

Your vision has already come to pass. Everything has already come together in perfect harmony and alignment. Let’s get down to some specifics on this, so you can get going with casting your own vision and actualizing all that you desire!

So what’s the distinction between simply visualizing or daydreaming and vision casting? There are two major differences: intention and clarity.

 The intention behind a mere visualization or daydream can vary. It might be a simple diversion, something entertaining for your mind when you’re stuck in a long, boring meeting, for example. It might be recreational, like when you buy a lottery ticket—though you don’t really expect to win, you might still enjoy dreaming of giant yachts or huge mansions.

On a more practical level, you might use visualization to help you make a decision, such as which shirt to buy. You visualize yourself in each of the shirts, imagine which one makes you feel better, and then make your choice. 

The second piece of the puzzle is clarity. Your reality, after all, is built from specifics and details, not from vague general ideas.

When you are daydreaming about your lottery winnings, it’s fine to be unclear about whether your dream home will have a pool and a hot tub, or a walk-in closet and a beautiful garden, or all of the above.

When you are vision casting, though, you get to create all of it straight from your mind: the sights, the sounds, the tastes, the smells, the textures, the emotions, and everything else that comes with realizing your dream. If you are vague about the details, the Universe will have a hard time responding. Bottom line: if you’re confused, the Universe will be too.

Once you begin to actually see and feel your dreams on the deepest level of your spirit and with your entire being, the awareness around your unlimited potential on this planet will affect all your decisions.

There will be no other choice but to realize your vision; it will encompass your every thought and action simply because you will know it’s exactly why you are here (you know, the whole whydentity thing).

It will change how you see yourself and therefore how others see you. Creating this clarity will take some serious practice trusting yourself and the Universe to fully support your desires. It will also take you staying open and practicing nonattachment to the how. Remember, there are many different routes to reach any destination. Keep focusing on your why. And keep opening yourself to the signs as they arise, because they will show up.

Here's a tool you can use to help heighten the sense of life's endless potential: 

Exercise #1: Wow Goggles

Here’s another tool you can use to help heighten the sense of life’s endless potential all around you. Every morning when you wake up, put on your wow goggles—a term I like to use for our inherent sense of amazement and wonder. With our fast-paced lifestyles, removing these be almost unconscious, but if you can remind yourself to put them back on, the world comes alive again in incredible ways.

This dirty juice glass before me? Without wow goggles it’s just a chore I have to do. But with my goggles on? Some mind-blowingly brilliant genius figured out how to make this thing out of sand! That annoying drive to work? A series of millions of harnessed explosions that propel you across the most elaborate transportation network in human history.

Remind yourself as much as possible to view the world as if it’s the first time and the last time you will ever see it—and then even the simplest of chores, like brushing your teeth, becomes an absolute miracle. So put on those wow goggles and look around. Find the joy and gratitude in each experience that comes your way.

Here's one last tool for your transformation journey: 

Exercise #2: Checklist Manifesto

In the early stages of my own transformation journey, I created a spreadsheet entitled “Ways of Being,” and I filled it with just that—the ways I was going to live every single day in order to achieve my goals. Not only did this give me a structured way to envision and set my goals, but it also gave me a little dopamine rush every time I checked something off! I did it for 30 days, and at the end, I had marks on every single goal, every single day, and I was well on my way to long-lasting transformation. You can get there too!

Try this for yourself. Create a checklist grid and include the ways of being that are in line with your soul map.

Here are some suggestions for your list:

•         Spend time reading a book instead of watching TV.

•         Replace an unhealthy meal with a big salad.

•         Drink one to two juices daily. (Focus on the ratio we talked about earlier, leaning more towards veggies to keep your body running optimally.)

•         Move your body for at least 20 minutes each day. (This can be anything you enjoy, like chasing your kids around, hiking, yoga—whatever your heart desires.)

•         Reconnect with friends you’ve been neglecting, and rekindle those relationships!

•         Make your bed every morning. (You’ll be surprised how this sets your day up for success.)

•         Compliment someone.

•         Begin and end your day by stating in writing or aloud three things you are grateful for.

This journey is about you! Let's go! 

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