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How To Welcome Help From Angels

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How To Welcome Help From Angels

Open your heart to receive angelic help with this technique
Kyle  Gray
Feb 11, 2017 at 09:15 AM

As you read this there are angels before you, angels behind you, angels at either side, angels above you and angels below you. Wherever you look, there is an angel just waiting to be welcomed into your life.

There’s nothing to fear – angels won’t jump out of a puff of smoke and scare you. Their energy is subtler than that. They may show you signs of their presence along the way, but the first step is more of an invitation, so that you can build up a relationship with them and truly become aware of the awesomeness that’s within you 

The first step to a positive and uplifting relationship with angels is to welcome their help. For the next 10 minutes or so, ensure you won’t be disturbed. Turn off the TV, close your laptop and put your iPhone on silent – it’s time to connect with angels!

* Place your hands on your solar plexus, just above your navel, with your right hand overlapping your left, and breathe into your hands softly and deeply for a few moments to centre yourself.

* After a few moments of centring, open your eyes and say this prayer, either quietly to yourself or in your mind:

Dear angels,

I thank you for joining me on my pathway. It is so good to know that you are real and with me. At this moment I take the opportunity to change. It is time to let go of the restrictive thoughts and beliefs that once tied me to fear and guilt. Today I choose to move in a new direction, the direction of love. Thank you, dear ones, for removing the barriers of fear from my heart so I can clearly perceive the presence of love, the presence of God and the presence of you, dear angels. I am willing to change and with positive intentions I welcome you into my life to guide me and to show me the way to a more loving, fulfilled life. I open my heart to love and accept this is the only way forward.

Thank you, angels!

And so it is!

* Take a few moments to enjoy the space and serenity you have welcomed into your life. You may want to close your eyes and meditate in silence or write the prayer into your journal. Whatever you do, make sure you acknowledge this moment and give thanks for it before returning to your day, only now with a heart open to angelic love! Congratulations!

Editor's note: Angels, How to See, Hear and Feel Your Angels by Kyle Gray is out now and part of the Hay House Basics series.

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