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How Well Are You? Find Out Now With Abby Wynne's Wellness Scale

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How Well Are You? Find Out Now With Abby Wynne's Wellness Scale

Abby shares a technique to help you gauge your wellness levels right here, right now
Abby Wynne
Abby Wynne More by this author
Mar 11, 2016 at 03:00 AM

We think we are well but we don’t actually ask ourselves how we feel. We think we are fine, but we don’t go deep into our bodies and ask our bodies how we feel.

Imagine a scale of 1-10, where 1 is feeling heavy, depressed, you want to stay in bed, and 10 is joy, elation, passion. Where are you on the wellness scale right now? Let’s find out!

Take the first answer your brain gives you, then sit with yourself for a minute or two. Imagine as you read this, with every breath, you allow yourself to drop down deeper into your body. Do it now, as you read these words, bring your awareness to your head, your face, staying with your throat and neck for a moment….. Then breathe out, dropping your awareness down into your chest.

Breathe in and out, (yes right now, as you read this!), then relax a little bit more, feel your feet on the ground, get your bearings in your body, then bring your awareness down into your stomach. This is the tough one. Be with your stomach for a moment, it’s okay to do this. Notice if you are holding it tightly, softly, if it is anxious, or if you feel calm. Breathe in and out and allow yourself to be present, right here, right now.

Now ask yourself how you feel? On a scale of 1-10 where are you now? Do you get a different result than you did the first time? Most people do.

It’s not about where you’d like to be on the scale, it’s about where you actually are. There are two different wellness scores that I feel we need to be aware of – our wellness score for the moment, for now, which is what we just worked on, and then we have a baseline wellness score, which is an average of all of our wellness scores, taken over a longer period of time.

Over time, every day, you wake up in and around a certain value, which is your baseline wellness score. The day can throw you up or down the scale, depending on how empowered you are in your life, and of course, depending on what is going on around you. If nothing dramatic is going on, your baseline score will stay pretty much the same over time, However, if things happen in your life such as an accident, a loss, or indeed a success or a gain, these life situations can shift your baseline wellness higher or lower on the scale.

My new book, How to Be Well, teaches you how to connect to your wellness, and then how to become empowered with it. I give you ways not only to move up on the wellness scale right now today, but ways you can shift your baseline wellness score upwards too, so you can feel well most of the time. It’s work, but it teaches you how to work with your self, your emotions, your psychology, and with the relationships in your life, including the one you have with yourself. This way you can grow and shift, and move towards a baseline wellness score of 6-7 out of 10, that you can hold onto being well, and look after yourself better, and allow joy and peace into your life on a regular basis.

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