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How Will I Know When I've Met My Soul-Mate?

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How Will I Know When I've Met My Soul-Mate?

Look For The Signs That Will Cross Dimensions
James  Van Praagh
James Van Praagh More by this author
Feb 14, 2017 at 07:45 AM

“I know we just met, but I feel that I’ve known you all my life!” Have you ever said those words?

When you meet someone and feel an immediate, powerful bond, chances are you have crossed paths with a soul-mate.

Around this time of year as we celebrate the season of love, there is lots of talk about soul-mates, and if you’re single, chances are you are longing to connect with that one special person. But the reality of a soul-mate might be different from what you’ve been imagining.

First of all, your soul has experienced numerous lifetimes and connected deeply with many other souls. You don’t have one soul mate – you have dozens – and they can all play different, meaningful roles in your life. 

In this excerpt from my latest book, The Power of Love: Connecting with the Oneness I share a few of my own encounters with soul-mates. 

Sharing Love with Others

I have met a few people in my life whom I recognized from previous lifetimes. As I shared in Adventures of the Soul, Debbie Ford was someone I knew and loved in many lifetimes. When she passed, and appeared to me in Spirit, I was reassured that we would share many more lifetimes with each other.

Another soul that touched me was Marilyn Whall. I have been a faculty member of the Omega Institute for 14 years, and during that time I have met hundreds of students from all over the world. But no one has had the effect that Marilyn had. The first time I looked into her eyes and heard her quick, down-to-earth wit, there was no mistaking that she and I had shared many lives, laughs, and loves.

Why did we meet again at this particular time? Like me, Marilyn was a medium. And like me, her life was about searching her soul, finding her true path, and eventually sharing stories of the afterlife. No wonder we both chose a time when hearts would be open to hearing our message that there is no death.

Several years before I met Marilyn, I was at one of my demonstrations in Ohio. It was a rainy evening, and people were still entering the auditorium as I was speaking. I noticed a male spirit following a young woman to her seat. I remember because her umbrella was dripping water in a line on the floor.

Before she could get comfortable, I asked her to stand and say her name. When she did, I told her that her husband wanted to speak to her. He was very concerned about her coming because of the weather. “He is showing me a car accident on a rainy evening just like this one.” She nodded. “Why did my husband have to die so young?” was her question to me.

Suddenly the Spirit world poured out an answer for the benefit of not only her but the audience as well. “There is no death. Your husband left his body, but his soul is very much alive,” I said.

“Death is a transformation from one plane of existence to another.” I told the young woman that her husband would always be with her.

Then he said something that surprised both the audience and me. “Thursday night, you woke up and looked over at the clock on the night table at two sixteen. Is that correct?” Shocked, she responded, “Yes!”

I smiled. “He was there.” I continued, “The power of love crosses over dimensions. He has been with you in many lifetimes—you are soul mates. He will see you in a future life. You will forever be connected!”

Become a “love magnet” attracting love in all forms

If you are seeking your one special soul mate, be patient. The Universe will send you the perfect person meant just for you, it just might take a little time.

In the meantime, enjoy creating and sending loving energy to the world by performing small acts of kindness for friends, family, strangers, and animals.

The love you share with others will come back to you! Every day make it a mission to change the energy of one person with a kind and compassionate thought, word or deed. Love is never to be kept locked away—it grows only by sharing.


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