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Hungry for Meaning?

Dissect less, enjoy more.
Dennis  Fairchild
Dennis Fairchild More by this author
Oct 09, 2011 at 10:00 AM

The first frost in the northern temperate zone almost always happens in October, signaling the time for many birds to head for the southern skies, while their former homes and neighborhoods start exploding in delicious banquets of color. With winter only weeks away, farmers bring in the last of the fall crops and begin to enjoy the bounty of their harvest. Thinking of life as an ever-present cycle of planting and harvesting— with our thoughts and actions as the seeds which produce the harvest— makes you reap what you sow a little easier to swallow. It's harvest month for everybody now: time for cooking up a more pro-active game plan toward unhealthy habits, and indulging in big second-helpings of self-forgiveness.

The Kitchen Tarot, when gently blended with numerology and a pinch of joy, provides nourishing food-for-thought about your home and loved ones. From numerology, October brings to the table the energies of number Five as the main course: October being the tenth month, when added to the year 2011 becomes 1+0+2+0+1+1, and equals 5. October isn't the month for putting undue emphasis on what's not working, or spending time lost in regret about not getting what you want. Take inventory of your reliance on beliefs that made good sense once upon a time but that are now irrelevant or counterproductive, and get cookin' with all four burners!

Tarot-number wise, this month, you're granted a temporary exemption from acting and feeling like your same old self, and now possess a tremendous capacity to convert your old wounds, as well as the old wounds of others, into out-of-this-world opportunities. Like the classic Hierophant tarot card that speaks of tradition, ethics, and fatherly wisdom, Kitchen Tarot's card Five— the Cookbook— serves up tasty rewards for the efficient and relentless, as a reminder that every living thing grows and develops with the wisdom that has been passed down through a clan or culture.

Do as is card Five’s and every good chef’s credo: consider trying less manic and more organic ways to express your creative side now, and assert yourself with an open heart. Issue a wake-up call to the parts of yourself that are self-critical, and be a stickler with gratitude and higher purpose. October’s Cookbook’s Feng Shui recipe for eradicating self-doubt is to super-clean all bookshelves in your home— ditto to your bedroom windows.

Card Five's Cookbook requests that you act with integrity, not on half-baked impulses. Following its recipe for happiness is a piece of cake: declare amnesty for the parts of you you don't love very well, marinate in wholesome thinking, and root out any pessimistic tendencies and toss them in the compost pile. Feel the way your destiny has been blessed by the past, and celebrate about how your life will bless the future.

Card 5’s October Affirmation: “Honor, ethics, and spirit guide my actions.”

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Dennis  Fairchild
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