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I Am Love - Louise Hay's Last Days

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I Am Love - Louise Hay's Last Days

Wrapping Us All In A Warm Embrace
Ahlea Khadro
Ahlea Khadro More by this author
Oct 16, 2017 at 03:00 PM

One of the Great Loves of my Life, Louise Hay, passed through the veils of this earthly plane recently. With 50 years between us, our relationship dance and form traversed the gamut.

She would sometimes introduce me as ‘her mother’ with the humorous caveat, that I had 'a lot of work done’. Our relationship began under the guise of healer and client and we quickly discovered the depth and width of our soul connection. She was my mentor, beloved, friend, mother, daughter and a grandmother... to my child… I was her healer, friend, mother, daughter, confidante and midwife of her death.

I clearly recall the moment, many years ago, when Louise asked me to take a very sacred and important role in being her partner for healthy living and to assist her in the final chapters of her life.
Louise lived Fully and she profoundly taught others how to do the same.

She also wanted to Die Fully and I want you to know that she did that too. I am beyond humbled and grateful to have been a midwife on her passage through the veils of this world onto her next brilliant adventure.

The look of these two made me wonder what they were up to.  My sweet beloveds.

She was not in pain and she was not ill. We have been working together and preparing on many levels and in a myriad of ways for this profound threshold. We talked about family ties, friends, fears, concerns for anyone she was parting from. We spoke of profound excitement for the unknowns before her.

There are so many jewels and sacred gifts that I carry with me from my great adventure with Louise but particularly the privilege of being with her during this chapter. I most loved reminding her of all the inspiration, love and transformation that she offered this planet during her amazing life. I would tell her “ Lulu, you have changed the world that we live in, and I, and countless others, can more effectively live authentically and offer our gifts to the world because of your courage to bring through what you did.” We would hold each other and cry with gratitude and contentment.

The final weeks and particularly the recent days before she passed, she was incredibly tender, loving, clear, surrendered and always elegant. She continued to use affirmations until she passed and I would like to share this one that we used together for her epic journey.

I Release myself into the arms of Love. I am Safe and Supported. I am Love!

Since her passing, I have been holding space and doing practice with and for her transition and I am just starting to re-enter the realm of the humans again.

Know that she feels all the love and gratitude being sent to her and that she is wrapping us all in a beautiful and warm embrace.

With profound Love,

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Ahlea Khadro
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