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I Can Do It! - New York Fan Recap

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I Can Do It! - New York Fan Recap

An Eye-Opening And Empowering Event
Hay House
Oct 10, 2014 at 02:00 PM

Editor's Note - Below is a recap of the I Can Do It New York event by Lauren Stahl. The next I Can Do It event is in Pasadena, October 24-26. Learn more here.

Lauren Stahl

I had the opportunity of attending the Hay House I Can Do It! Conference in New York City on September 20-21. It blew away all my expectations! Words cannot describe the sense of empowerment, inspiration, motivation, and angelic forces that took over the room during this two-day experience. By embracing our truth and tapping into our purpose, we can be the best version of ourselves at any moment we choose. It all comes down to choice. You can choose to do it or not. It's no coincidence the conference is called 'I Can Do It.'

As the founder of a company with a focus on accountability and unlocking our power and love, I was excited to attend this conference and take away the powerful messages from each of the speakers. There were many themes presented and one that resonated with me was the ability to be “of service.” That is part of our purpose here and the more we help and heal others, the more we heal ourselves on a spiritual and emotional level. Many of the speakers have gone through moments of pain and darkness and by sharing about their experiences, they help and heal others as well!

Dr. Wayne Dyer opened the conference. He had me think about my purpose for being here and how to make my dreams and visions a reality. He said “Don’t die with your music still inside of you.” Have you asked yourself what this music is for you? For me, it’s about showing up, honoring my truth, and being the best and most loving version of myself. 

I watched the audience soak up every word he spoke. He went on to say that we each have a light. By getting past the mind, we can embrace all the goodness within. There is something bigger than each of us moving all the pieces of our lives together. There is something constantly supporting us. When we remove the fear and let go of the ego, the only thing left is love.

Kris Carr brought home how our darkest moments can be our best teachers. Who would have thought of that? Twelve years ago she was diagnosed with cancer and told she had a year to live. She took healing into her own hands. Cancer has been her best mentor and teacher. She threw her inner pain and turmoil into healing herself and sharing this experience with others. Through this, she let go of being a victim to her cancer and empowered herself to share her message and story with others. We can’t always control the mess but we can appreciate the beauty. She accepted herself, her circumstances, and her life. She embraced joy, which is one of the most beautiful things we can experience.

Caroline Myss spoke about transformation. There is immense value in this word. Think about this: Have you been transformed? The nature of our spiritual path is this: tell the truth. Truth is about honoring our lives. There is no need to compromise our values. For many years I compromised mine as I lived the life everyone else wanted me to live. This was not authentic and ultimately did not feel good or fulfilling. Walking through life in the field of grace is where ultimate fulfillment comes from. The beauty is that it all comes down to choice. A choice to live in the light, or a choice to live in the dark. Let’s choose the former

Barbara DeAngelis' talk could be summed up in not only the power of soul shifts, but also the idea of awakening. Awakening ourselves and realizing that nothing is wrong with us. Do you feel awakened in your life? If not, what is holding you back? She reiterates the point that we can all vibrate at the highest level at any moment we choose. Allow for the presence to vibrate itself. Do this by taking small actions. No need to overwhelm yourself.

Overall, the experience of this conference warmed my heart and soul in numerous capacities. To be surrounded by like-minded people embracing the words “I Can Do It!” brought me to a higher level of consciousness where embracing love and light was my reality. I will never forget this experience.


Lauren Stahl is a New York based Accountability Coach and the founder of SPARKITE. Here, users SPARK what they want to be held accountable to and she helps them to make the changes they desire. You can learn more about Lauren’s Accountability services at



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