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If You Had No Limits ...

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If You Had No Limits ...

What would you do?
Louise  Presley-Turner
Louise Presley-Turner More by this author
Sep 09, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Is it possible to think that we’re happy, that we are living our best possible life, and not ever know that there’s so much more out there for us? I’m working with a team of authors at Hay House to look at changing our lives.

Scientist and author Dr. David Hamilton suggests listening to your heart: “Ask yourself, ‘If there were no limits and I had all the resources I wanted, what would I do?’ When we live our passion, life takes on new meaning because what we’re doing is aiming in a particular direction. The first step is really to ask ourselves the above question. The second is to ask, ‘What can I do today that can move me in the direction of living my passion?’ The third is to do it.”

I strongly believe that we all have a particular talent or skill and we are here to use it and share it with the world. Living out our passion, the thing that sets us alight, really makes us shine. This light attracts every perfect and synchronistic opportunity to us and when we are living on purpose, aligning what we are meant to do, to what we actually do,’ then everything falls in to place easily.  When we shine, others will be able to live in the light.

Coach and author Suzy Greaves shares that “Many of us grew up living our lives by someone else’s rules, playing the roles that society demanded we played in order to be 'happy.' We did all the 'right' things, lived by all the 'right' rules. So we can’t understand why we are resentful and exhausted. To start living a passionate life, you need to dig around and start getting back in touch with what you love, what you enjoy and what makes your heart sing.”

It’s really important to know that when it’s right, it will happen. Celebrity hypnotist and author Joseph Clough agrees – it’s about drawing a line in the sand: “We can find our passion by seizing this opportunity. All change starts when we take responsibility for this moment and make the empowering decisions from here on. The crucial first step is to know that we believe in you, to take responsibility, and that now is the time to take inspired action to make this happen today.”

One of the big things that keeps us down is a lack of energy. We’re so drained by our lives, our responsibilities, that we can’t muster the enthusiasm to shake things up. Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach explains that “One of the main problems that most adults struggle with is lack of energy when it comes to pursuing something bigger or better. Rejuvenating ourselves from the inside out can help to boost our energy and enthusiasm for life so that we can seriously entertain our passions. Decide to be healthy, decide to become all that you can be, decide that your life is worth living in its shiniest most exciting version, because you really do get to choose.”

Business coach Laura Leigh Clarke adds that “When you look inside and take note, and then go do fun stuff, you can’t help but run into your passion along the way! When we live our passion we become more of who we are. Bizarre synchronicities happen to make our dreams unfold in the reality in front of us. We have more energy. We attract more people to our cause.”

We are each responsible for our own happiness, for demonstrating what can be done when we shift our beliefs for the better and truly know what living our life on purpose means.

I am organizing the first-ever International Change Your Life Week starting September 24, 2012. It is free to register and features coaching given by Hay House authors and experts. Click here to find out more about International Change Your Life Week.

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Louise  Presley-Turner
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