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Is it Sugar You Crave ...

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Is it Sugar You Crave ...

Or more sweetness in your days?
Connie  Bennett
Connie Bennett More by this author
Jul 09, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Most sugaraholics or carb junkies—the millions battling sugar shock—are leading “lives of quiet desperation” as in the famous words of Henry David Thoreau.

I’ve long been aware of the dark cloud of sugar-shock gloom. For years I felt it personally, before I reluctantly quit sugar in 1998, on doctor’s orders due to my many health woes. Then in 2002, when I began helping sugar addicts break free of their over-attachment to dangerous, quickie carbs, I empathically experienced their dreary, dismal, bleak feelings before they achieved that joyous state of Sugar Freedom.

Quiet sugar desperation is one of many sad, conflicting, overpowering emotions that plague sugar addicts. Take a moment now to answer these questions:

• Are you filled with self-disgust that—despite your best intentions to do otherwise—you keep craving and then often caving in to tempting, heavily processed, nutrient-deprived carbs that make you fat, sluggish, and unhealthy?

• Are you disappointed in yourself that you’ve allowed those fake foods to hold power over you?

• Do you often feel the blahs, and does your life lack passion and purpose?

If you’re feeling any of the above, take heart. You can easily free yourself from your sugar or carb addiction.

Let me introduce you to a powerful concept—what I call The Sweetness Principle. Many of you turn to sugary drinks, candies, cookies, and cakes because your life lacks sweetness, juiciness, or joy.

In other words, each of us craves and yearns for that often-elusive, but filling feeling of sweetness. So when you mindlessly nosh on candies, cakes, or other quickie carbs, what you really want and need is a life that’s sweeterlicious.  By that I mean sweeter, more  delicious, luscious, scrumptious, and sensuous.

Sweeterlicious also represents fun, passion, pleasure, purpose, harmony, love, laughter, satisfaction, and even connection with yourself, other people and your higher power. 

Here, then, are 3 tips to get you started on the road to a sweeterlicious life.

  1. Calmly accept your sugar desperation, frustration or hopelessness. Recognize that your pain can be a powerful motivator and catalyst. Try this simple technique to be at peace with your uncomfortable feelings. First, feel them briefly. Then just imagine them floating off into the sky. Next, see a calming blue light filling you up with peace, joy and contentment.
  2. Give yourself big hugs and lovingly tell yourself sweet nothings. Whether or not you have a special someone in your life, several times a day—especially first thing in the morning while you’re still in bed or whenever you crave sugar—wrap your arms around yourself and rock yourself for at least 30 seconds while thinking, “I’m so sweet. My life is sweet. A sweeterlicious life is mine now.”
  3. Plant sweet, powerful, positive images and ideas into your mind. Use a powerful manifestation tool to bring you the slim, vibrant, healthy body, mind and soul that you deeply desire. To help you make this happen, I invite you to get your free Sugar Freedom Mind Movie at my blog or website. Then set aside only 3 minutes every morning and evening. Just watch your Sugar Freedom Mind Movie so you can tap into your desired feelings of sweetness, joy, and pleasure. Enjoy! 

Of course, it’s taken years for you to become hooked on sugar or quickie carbs so it’s unrealistic to expect your horrible habit to disappear right away. But these 3 tips can help you begin to break free of your sugar addiction so you can get that sweeterlicious life you so crave.

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Connie  Bennett
Connie Bennett is a former sugar-addicted journalist, whose 44 baffling ailments vanished after she quit sugar on doctor’s orders in 1998. Now, she’s a sought-after transformational speaker, author of the bestselling books, Sugar Shock Continue reading