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Is My Cat Psychic?

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Is My Cat Psychic?

Discover some amazing properties of our feline friends in this article from Jenny Smedley
Jenny  Smedley
Jenny Smedley More by this author
Jul 05, 2018 at 08:45 AM

Some people find it hard to believe that cats are intelligent beings, here to share our wonderful planet with us, and instead think they of them as mere beasts, here for us to treat – and unfortunately, in some cases, mistreat – as we will. Sadly, many people still think this way, but of course it’s not true.

According to medical research, the brain structure of humans and cats is very similar, which doesn’t of course means that cats would make intelligent people, or vice versa. The most intelligent cat breed, when tested, is the sphynx, which received a 10 out of 10 rating. These cats are closely followed by the Balinese, Bengal, colourpoint shorthair, Havana brown, Javanese, Oriental and Siamese.

Why not devote some time to increasing your cat’s intelligence, and also his enjoyment of life. Conventional training, for example to teach your dog to ‘sit’, would be to press them down into the sit position while giving the command. This doesn’t work well with cats.

Instead, hold a treat in your closed hand just above the cat’s head height. If they stand on their hind feet to reach, don’t give them the treat. Wait until they either sit because they’re puzzled, or to raise their heads slightly, and then say ‘sit’ and give them the treat. After a while they will associate the word with the deed and the reward.

Test it Out

There are many interactive cat toys that purport to test their intelligence, but you can devise simple tests of your own.

1. Show your cat a card with a picture of a dog on it. Dogs are not able to perceive or understand 2D images like this, but some cats can. If your cat reacts to the picture in some way, either by showing fear or attraction (if it likes dogs), then it has shown understanding.

2. Hold up two pictures of birds – one in your left hand, and one in your right, both facing the cat. If the cat goes to the one on its right, then it shows itself to be a left-brained, logical thinker. If it prefers the one on its left then it is a right-brained creative type.

3. Use the cup game. Place a titbit on the floor and cover it with an egg cup or something similar. Then put two empty egg cups down and mix them all up. See if your cat can pick the one concealing the titbit.

4. Put your cat’s favourite treats in a box that requires a simple latch to be operated, or a button to be pressed to open it. Make sure you have your cat’s attention and open the box, clearly showing how it’s done. Give your cat a treat. Repeat this several times, then open it again, but don’t give your cat a treat. Close the box and walk away. An intelligent cat will try to mimic what you did, and the cleverest will actually open it.


Your Psychic Cat

Cats have been regarded as mystical by many races since the time of the ancients. With their elliptical eyes and mysterious ways, it’s not surprising. These beliefs have caused cats to be adored and reviled, revered and persecuted, but today we can appreciate the magic they bring to our lives without fear, and if we open our hearts and minds we just might find that cats are every bit as enigmatic as we like to think they are.

Spirit-seeing Cats and Orbs

Cats are very spiritual and have all their intuitive capabilities intact, unlike us, so they often see things we don’t. If your cat often sits looking at a fixed point, and then seems to follow an unseen ‘something’ around the room, then consider that you may have an orb or even a ghostly visitor you’re not aware of. If your cat uncharacteristically wakes you up in the middle of the night, it may be that he can sense the presence of a passed-over loved one.

I’ve known cats that have acted very strangely when a companion has died, too. One such cat had a dog for a friend, the cat being the older of the two. When the dog died the cat mourned so much the owners thought they might have to have her put to sleep. But one night the cat followed an unseen something up the stairs and they found her passed away peacefully on the bed. They were convinced the dog’s spirit had come back for his friend.

Capture It on Film

Don’t let this sort of behaviour scare you. There are many wonders in the universe that we don’t understand. Knowledge and understanding are power, so take steps to find out what your cat is seeing and sensing.

Use a digital camera to take photos whenever your cat behaves in these strange ways and you might be able to capture an orb, or maybe several, on the photograph. If there’s nothing odd on the photo, it may just be that your cat’s been getting bored and is doing his tricks just to pass the time or even to get your attention.

But if you do get orbs in snaps taken at this time, you can be sure that ‘someone’ is using your cat to try and tell you something. Interesting orbs are those that appear to move or seem to be behind an object, because they can’t be dismissed as marks on the lens.

How did you find your cat?

There’s a reason you and your cat found each other. Think about how your life has changed since he or she arrived. Perhaps you were able to begin a wonderful new relationship after previous heartbreak, or your finances took a turn for the better.

Could your cat have played a part in these events? Perhaps you were led to your particular cat because their name resonated with you? Or perhaps, having lost out on the kitten you’d set your heart on, you suddenly received a message from a friend about a litter of kittens which hadn’t been homed and were about to be taken to the local shelter? Did your cat just arrive in your life unexpectedly – as a stray, or perhaps injured or abandoned, and you decided to help him?

Everything happens for a reason, and you and your cat coming together is no exception. Think about all the things that have changed about your life, and his, by each other’s presence.

Who knows – you may find that you and your cat both have angels by your side!

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