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Is Psychic Baggage Weighing You Down? Here Are 3 Steps To Remove It Now

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Is Psychic Baggage Weighing You Down? Here Are 3 Steps To Remove It Now

James Van Praagh Helps Us Clear Our Energetic Junk
James  Van Praagh
James Van Praagh More by this author
Jan 16, 2018 at 11:15 AM

Decades spent on stage and on the road have left me with a back that acts up once in a while. Luckily, I’ve found a wonderful masseuse and healer to provide deep tissue relief when the pain gets too bad. Just the other day as he was erasing the knots in my lower back, he shared an insight about his work that I believe also applies to matters far beyond physical aches and pains. 

“I imagine my clients going about their day picking up shiny little BBs – each representing an incident of physical or mental stress. Every time a client lifts something the wrong way, deals with a difficult co-worker, or tosses and turns all night worrying, another tiny metal ball goes into their pocket. After a while, they become uncomfortably weighted down with the accumulation of all of this, and they come to me – my job is to remove the BBs.  When I’m finished, it makes me so happy to see them walk out taller and feeling lighter in every way!”

In the example of the masseuse, his clients are lucky enough to be able to come to him regularly for relief. But think of how many people hold onto old emotions, traumatic memories, and resentment (what I like to call “psychic baggage”) indefinitely – pushing everything down without examining it just to make room for more “BBs.” Without a way to regularly dissolve or clear out that energetic junk, it builds up and blocks you – energetically, physically and emotionally.  

How can you tell if Psychic Baggage is having a negative effect on your life? Here are some signs: 

1) You have difficulty experiencing the present moment without dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. 

2) You keep repeating the same patterns and mistakes in one or more areas of your life. 

3) In matters of the heart, you ‘re attracted to “bad boys” (or girls), people who can’t commit, or otherwise unsuitable partners.

4) You feel like you’re not always in control of your own reactions or emotions.

5) You feel that the work you do is not aligned with your true self, yet you’re unable to make a change. 

6) You often find yourself getting your feelings hurt and taking things too personally. 

7) Your fears and phobias prevent you from trying new things. 

8) You have health issues or chronic fatigue your doctor can’t explain. 

9) You keep waiting for something to change so your “real life” can begin. 

10) People tell you that you’re overly defensive or that you can’t open up. 

There’s no precise way to score this quiz, except to go with your gut. You might have checked three or four, and be managing just fine - but if even one of these issues is causing a problem in your life, then chances are you’re dealing with some psychic baggage. Now is the time to lighten your load! 

Here are 3 steps to dumping the psychic baggage now: 

1) Be honest with yourself. 

Let the checklist above be your jumping off point to examining areas where you are blocked.  For example, say that #2 on the list above got a big reaction from you. You KNOW that you keep repeating destructive patterns – even when you can predict what’s going to happen. Sit with that thought, and explore how it makes you feel. What memories come up – do you recall the first time you had this experience? What do you think might happen if, just once, you made a different choice? What fears or feelings does that bring up? Listen to your intuition, and see if you can discover the root cause of this behavior. 

2) Start processing your feelings.

Now that you’re paying attention, you might find that you are conscious of even more repressed memories and emotions. As they come to the surface, give yourself time to process them. Treat yourself as you would a cherished friend, and give yourself permission to grieve, be angry, feel the loss, and then to forgive.  Many of my students find that writing a journal or a letter helps them let go. Writing things down – without judgment or censorship – is very healing. And if you write a letter, it’s entirely up to you if you want to share it with anyone. No confrontation is required for healing to take place – just honesty and self-awareness! 

3) Get help! 

If simple self-examination isn’t enough and you can’t release yourself from whatever is holding you back – don’t be afraid to get help from a friend or a professional.  An objective ear might be just what you need to get comfort, validation and the courage to move ahead. Or, sign up for a spiritual workshop or meditation retreat. In a few days, you’ll learn techniques that will change your life. 

Don’t start another year carrying the weight of decades. Start releasing your baggage, one piece at a time, and you’ll be lighter (and light-filled) by spring! To learn more tips, check out my bestselling book - Wisdom From Your Spirit Guides.  

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