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Is There a God Gene?

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Is There a God Gene?

The quest for divine connection.
Vianna  Stibal
Vianna Stibal More by this author
Jan 13, 2012 at 09:00 AM

It has been suggested that many of us carry a genetic predisposition for belief in God, a “God gene” if you will. This is not surprising, considering that it is likely that this predisposition would have survival benefits. These would likely be subtle, but in difficult times, what is more useful than belief in and communication with the Creator? In this communication, we connect to the divine essence that is within all of us and bring it into the physical world, thus enriching our lives.

Throughout history, humanity has been on a quest for God. Our perception of God is constantly changing and dependent on many influences from the household to external society, religion and more recently modern science. The concepts of science are not necessarily against God, and were not designed as such. They were not a “rebellion” against religion or God. Science is simple: it is an observation of our universe through explainable fact. The concept of God could be perceived as a science of its own—an observation of the universe that is spiritual and not always dependent upon physical causality but rather upon the unseen essence of thought and belief.

There are those who say that belief in God is an attempt to explain death and the hope of an afterlife. There does seem to be a pervading apprehension that once we die we will become nothing. One of the most prevalent fears that I see in people is “fear of the nothing.” I believe that this belief stems from a superficial and materialistic view of the universe. I think that it is void of any imagination or self-love. My view is that we do not become nothing. You may ask, “Then where do we go when we die?” I believe that once we have left the physical world, many of us transfer to a higher order of evolution. In this higher order, our abilities may be perceived as somewhat godlike by those still living on the Third Plane.

I believe that when we walk students up to the Seventh Plane we’re taking them within their own brain to the message carriers, the neurons. They go within the very atomic energy that is in every atom. By doing this, their mind is stimulated with an awareness, an awareness that they are connected to every molecule, every atom and the energy associated with subatomic particles. This is the first step in ascension.

It will be this inner awareness that will bring us to the realization that we no longer have the need for the incredible competition of this world, and the battle of duality will be over. The massive power of the universe is within us, waiting for us to find it through focused thought. Once this power has been recognized within, it will flow outwards to the macrocosm of our everyday lives, expanding through the planes of existence to the immense macrocosm of the Seventh Plane of Existence and to the Creator of All That Is to become co-creation.

In the past, I believe that we have learned through experiencing one plane of existence at a time and learning its message. I believe that the message of the Fifth Plane is unconditional love. I believe that the message of the Sixth Plane is absolute truth and, perhaps, compassion. I believe that now is the time that we are to become co-creators of our lives, consciously, awake and aware.

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Vianna  Stibal
Vianna Stibal is an artist, writer, teacher, and intuitive reader. Based in Bigfork, Montana, she is committed to spreading her healing paradigm throughout the world and has trained teachers and practitioners in more than 25 countries. Vianna Continue reading