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Is There an Angel for Mothers-To-Be?

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Is There an Angel for Mothers-To-Be?

Archangel Gabriel Is The Perfect Choice
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
Dec 01, 2015 at 10:00 AM

My studies of Archangel Gabriel have been scholarly (reading the Bible and other spiritual texts), and I’ve conducted field studies of people who’ve had modern miracles that they credit to Archangel Gabriel’s intervention. Some of these miracles have occurred spontaneously, without the person calling specifically for Gabriel. In such cases, I believe that God sends the most appropriate specialist to help with each situation.

Each archangel has a specialty. For instance, Archangel Michael is in charge of ridding the world of evil and fear. Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing, stemming from his restoring sight to the blind man Tobit in the noncanonical Book of Tobit.

Archangel Gabriel’s specialty is twofold: functioning as the messenger angel with the copper trumpet and as the angel who announces and helps with conception, pregnancy, birth, and early childhood.

Over the years, I’ve received hundreds of stories from mothers who asked for Archangel Gabriel’s help with their pregnancy, as in the following story from a Russian woman named Elena Sorokina.

When Elena became pregnant with her first child, she also became more sensitive to energies. With this change, she began to feel the presence of angels around her and her child. In her second trimester, Elena found an Archangel Gabriel statue that she’d forgotten she’d purchased years earlier. As Elena gazed at Gabriel’s beautiful face on the statue, an inner knowing and recognition told her that this energy was the same protective presence she’d always felt around her.

She heard Gabriel say to her, “Everything’s going to be fine with you. You’ve made everything right. And now I’m going to be your guardian angel.”

Since then, Elena has constantly felt Gabriel’s calming presence. She says:

Thanks to Gabriel and Mother Mary, my pregnancy was ideal: my blood pressure was always normal; analyses were wonderful. I had no pains nor edemas. I did aqua aerobics and walked as fast as before the pregnancy.
I felt quiet, protected, and strong. It seemed to me I glowed from the inside out. When the time of childbirth came, I asked Archangel Gabriel and Mother Mary to be with me. It was a painful but fast delivery. My son was healthy and calm. We were given a one-person room, although the maternity hospital was overcrowded that night.

Everything was really fine, as Archangel Gabriel had said to me. I felt his loving presence and protection, also, the first two years after my son’s birth. Thank you, God, Mary, and Archangel Gabriel, for your unconditional love and so much needed help! I wish all expectant and young mothers would accept Gabriel’s help into their lives!

I do, too, Elena!

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