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Is There An Angel Who Fixes Cars?

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Is There An Angel Who Fixes Cars?

Call Upon Mr. Fix It— Archangel Michael.
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
Aug 25, 2009 at 10:00 AM

Archangel Michael is revered for his strength, his courage, and the protection that he gives. Yet, many have also discovered a little-known secondary specialty of Michael’s: his incredible ability to fix anything electrical or mechanical. Perhaps this modern form of angelic assistance comes in the face of the new era of technology. Regardless, I probably receive more accounts of Michael assisting with mechanical problems than any other type of angel story!

Archangel Auto Repair

Lest we worry that automotive repair is a trivial waste of Archangel Michael’s time or is beneath his dignity, these stories show how such intervention saves lives and restores peace, among other benefits. Clearly, Michael engages in repair as part of his global mission to protect us from fear—the fact that he works so quickly and efficiently is just a bonus, as you’ll read.

Since our world depends upon this mode of transportation, Michael performs a lot of repairs on cars. As an unlimited angel, he can help an infinite number of people and automobiles simultaneously, so there’s no sense that his repair work takes away from anyone. He joyfully responds to all calls for help, often with his characteristic sense of humor, as Jenny Bryans discovered when her car broke down:

One of the posts on the battery of my 1999 Honda Accord became corroded, so the car frequently stalled or wouldn’t start at all. One day, I was heading out to do some errands when it suddenly died.

I pulled onto a nearby side street and popped my hood. Now, I live in a small town, and normally when someone is stranded on the side of the road, everyone stops. That day, though, nobody did. I was passed by several vehicles, and the drivers didn’t even seem to see me. I began calling people who might be able to help, but I couldn’t reach anyone.

Luckily, this happened right in front of a church, and I went to the office to find some help. Unfortunately, the doors were locked and no one was around. Next, I tried the church’s sanctuary. I’d seen people coming out of the building, and there were several cars in the parking lot, so I thought there should be someone around to give me a jump start. However, I couldn’t find a single soul.

I stepped outside into the rain and decided that I had to think of something else. A few weeks before this I had been at Doreen’s workshop in Toronto, where she’d taught that Archangel Michael was also known as “Mr. Fix-It.”

I called upon him to fix the battery trouble for good. I took a deep breath and walked back to the car. I was guided to sit inside and send energy to the engine. While I was doing so, I saw Michael in my mind’s eye standing over my engine. It even looked like he was in overalls while he was working his magic! After a couple of minutes, I felt guided to start the car. The engine turned over without any problems.

I profusely thanked Michael and got ready to finish my errands. I looked over at the church, the name of which I’d never really paid attention to before. The sign read: ST. MICHAEL’S. Smiling at the synchronicity of pulling over by a church with that name, I headed down the road.

The car battery has been problem free since that day. Now, whenever anything acts up mechanically, I ask Archangel Michael to fix it. He’s better and cheaper than any other mechanic or technician.

God and the angels are limitless beings, so they’re able to help each and every person simultaneously. Some people argue that it’s not right for us to ask angels to do our bidding, as they have more important things to do. Yet, when I ask God and the angels about this, I always hear reassurances of their unlimited love and availability. They want us to be peaceful and happy, just as any loving parents would hope for their offspring.

So when we ask Archangel Michael to fix an electronic device or home appliance, it’s part of God’s plan of peace. After all, how does it affect you (and the people around you) when you’re upset because a gadget doesn’t work? Wouldn’t the world be more peaceful if that type of stress were reduced or eliminated? This is why Michael is so adept at helping all of us have more harmonious lives . . . including in our relationship with electronics, which have become such an embedded part of everyday life.

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