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Is Your Life Boring? Call For a Do-Over

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Is Your Life Boring? Call For a Do-Over

Start Living The Life You Want Now
Leeza  Gibbons
Leeza Gibbons More by this author
Feb 07, 2013 at 09:00 AM

Okay, my friends—are you ready for change? Is it time to shake things up, start over and hit the reset button on your life? Congratulations on having the guts and the wisdom to call for Take 2. No matter where you were for the first take or who you were before, that was then and this is now—this is your moment. There’s nothing more important.

Get Rid of The Sagging Middle 

They say that our life’s work is finding our life’s work, but I was lucky. Early in the sixth grade, I discovered my calling was to be a conduit of information. It didn’t matter to me the medium or the message. Just give me a microphone, and I’m rarin’ to go. I’m a storyteller—it’s all I’ve ever really wanted to be, and I’ve never looked back.

In storytelling and journalism, we use the term sagging middle. (Horrifying image, right?) This refers to the point in the story that seems dull and boring due to a lack of action. You’ve probably seen movies or read books that you described as being “slow.” As a reporter, I couldn’t be slow—the viewer might change the channel. A sagging middle is something that book authors, bloggers, and journalists want to avoid at all costs.

Reset Yourself in the Direction You Want to Go

It has been said that life is analogous to an epic journey, a hero’s tale. So I guess you could say that sometimes the story gets a little . . . saggy. Can you relate? If you’re in the middle of building your career or growing your family, what did you think life would look like or feel like at this point? If you’re farther down the road (like me), have you ever felt that somewhere between menstruation and menopause, things became a little too predictable? Have you ever woken up and said, “This is not the life I ordered”?

It may be time to take a deep breath and survey your situation. Look at your decisions, career, relationships, and physical and mental health. If the story is boring and not worth reading or reporting, it’s time for some creative writing, baby! Call for a do-over and reset yourself now in the direction you want to go. It doesn’t matter if it’s not where you thought you were headed—in fact, that’s the point.

Start Stepping To New Music

Interviewing people for a living, I’ve heard a solid cross section of what I call “life interrupted” stories from people who spent a lot of time figuring out who they were and what they should do when change came along and reshuffled the deck. They were divorced or separated, grew older or were fired. Someone they loved became ill or died. I’ve heard from many who have danced with the devils called depression and addiction. Some just forgot their steps once the music of their lives changed.

Life changes on the way to happily ever after, doesn’t it? I mean, sometimes you don’t even see it coming until one day you wake up and say, “Wait—this is not where I was supposed to end up!” It doesn’t matter if you got divorced, got fat, got fired, got sick, or just got stuck—you can always call for a “redo.”

See, you’re the author of your own book and it’s time for a dramatic plot twist, so let’s get working on that. This is not the end of your story; this is where you learn about second acts, second chances, and new beginnings. To get you kick-started on your new, amazing life - check out my book Take 2 , which I wrote to help others live life fearlessly with no limits.  Remember, it's the twists and turns in your life story that makes it so powerful.

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Leeza  Gibbons
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