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Is Your Mind Filled with Negative Chatter?

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Is Your Mind Filled with Negative Chatter?

How to silence the Goblin within.
Colette  Baron-Reid
Colette Baron-Reid More by this author
Oct 31, 2009 at 10:00 AM

I have a nickname for the negative chatter in our minds that keeps us addicted to keeping our experience in our own personal bubble—I call it the “Goblin.” This is how we miss the opportunities pointed out to us by our intuition.

The Goblin lives inside every human being and is the manifestation of an unhealthy, wounded ego. It’s fed by our thoughts of resentment, anger, fear, shame, guilt, sloth, envy, indifference, competition, greed, lust, and every other expression of lack and limitation. The Goblin is in charge of keeping us in “separation mode” and would just love it if our personal bubbles were made of fortified steel so that we’d never have to glimpse into our limitless connection.

The Goblin depends on the concept of separation to maintain a unique Me identity.

If we transcend this perception, the Goblin has no identity or purpose and dies or falls into a deep sleep. Therefore, it has a vested interest in keeping us in our bubbles and shutting down anything that reminds us of another reality outside of our own. The Goblin keeps the filter clogged on purpose so that it remains the false center of the universe inside the bubble. The Goblin continuously repeats a song to itself that goes, “Me-Me-Me-Me-Me-M”—and that’s the music we hear much of the time.

The Goblin is a clever little creature that keeps our focus on distracting, persistent, and loud noise. It wants us to believe that it’s who we are—that its thoughts are ours—and the only identity that matters is its own. The Goblin is in the bubble of the reality of only five senses and has no connection to anything on the outside or our sixth sense because it only has the capacity to see itself. So it’s safe to say that the Goblin is the worst part of our personal identities.

When the sixth sense kicks in and threatens to pop the bubble, it causes the downfall of the Goblin. Remember the Wizard of Oz? He was a fraud, and everyone found out that he was just a little chubby man behind a curtain, manipulating people into thinking that he was the all-powerful center of an entire land. The Goblin is an imposter, too, because it wants us to believe something that’s only an illusion.

Be aware that the Goblin has a vested interest in keeping us in a five-sensory universe because it will lose its power if we see through different eyes or hear with another pair of ears. Our natural human mind-body-spirit mechanics equip us with a sixth sense, our special radio that receives information before it gets filtered. The radio waves are invisible but always exist in an unlimited supply. The music of the cosmos beams into our receivers, but the Goblin plays with the dial and purposely tunes it to the wrong station.

Have you ever been in a car with a bratty little kid? You might decide to turn on a children’s CD in order to keep him quiet. Even though you’re trying not to pay attention, you still have to listen to it, and later those same songs remain stuck in your head, perpetually repeating themselves. Your Goblin is like that unruly child, and you’re listening to the station that plays the tunes that your Goblin loves to hear over and over. Without even realizing it, a lot of the time you hear:

You’re listening to Goblin Radio EGO-FM, the home of suffering and fear! Tune in for our special guest, the CEO of Financial Insecurity, followed by Miss Grandiosity and her little sister, Never Enough, singing their hit songs, “More and More” and “Gimme Yours.”

How do you change the station to allow greater personal access to your intuition? Like the bratty kid, the Goblin really just needs a nap! (Several guided meditations, by the way, can be an instant lullaby for Goblins.) When it’s asleep, an awakening of your Higher Self takes place, and you find less blocking your path. You also develop greater natural access to your intuition and can learn how to tune in to a completely different station.

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