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Is Your Spirit Guide Holding a Pen?

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Is Your Spirit Guide Holding a Pen?

Divine messages through automatic writing.
Nick  Bunick
Nick Bunick More by this author
Sep 17, 2010 at 10:00 AM

Most people in the world are not aware that we all have spirit guides that are constantly a part of our lives. They provide you hope when you feel defeat, courage when you feel fear, direction when you feel lost and inspiration when you are down. Your spirit guides are a part of God’s team of workers, they are a part of Oneness.

I remember vividly the first time years ago when I tried to receive information from my guides. I sat at a desk in my bedroom one night with paper in hand. After trying for many minutes to create the right state of mind, I went to bed convinced I had failed to make contact. But when I awoke the following morning, I was taken back to find many profound words written on that sheet of paper—in my handwriting—that Spirit had shared with me.

The rain cannot distinguish need. It falls both in the ocean as well as in the valley. God’s love is like sunshine, but there are many who choose to remain in the shade.

Thus began a list of profound messages sent to me from Spirit for many years to come. I would find them in drawers and filing cabinet folders without any recollection of having written them—even though they were in my handwriting. I was told by Spirit I did not have to go into a trance meditation to receive their words. They taught me how to place my conscious mind aside and allow my “soul mind” to receive these messages while in an awakened state:

To believe in yourself, you must have the courage that exceeds the need for the consideration of courage. It must be a natural part of your life that avoids any decision-making based on whether you have the courage to do that which you must. This must be a belief beyond personal questioning, beyond personal doubt, to a point where it can no longer be considered a matter of courage, but rather a way of life.

I share with you many of these profound spiritual messages in my book, Time for Truth, but I also give you guidance as to how you, too, may open a channel to those in the spirit world who love you beyond words and are committed to your well being.

I am not clairvoyant for I cannot see into the spiritual world. Nor am I clairaudient, being able to hear the spiritual world. But I have found that my spirit guides have given me the gift of claircognizance. In addition to allowing me to channel their words onto paper through my soul mind, they now give me messages that become like memories which I can then retrieve.

But what I am capable of experiencing as I explain here, is also something that you have the same God-given ability to experience. You, too, can learn how to open up that channel.

I leave you with this message that Spirit has given me for you:

The kingdom of heaven lies within you. And God is within you also, residing within your own soul. You are part of one great spiritual family, for every one of you is a child of God. You must understand and try to develop a feeling of unity with Oneness, and know that indeed we are all one, and are manifestations of God. 

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