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James Van Praagh Shares His Top 5 Memories Of 2016

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James Van Praagh Shares His Top 5 Memories Of 2016

Reflect On Your Own Highlights As The Year Draws To A Close
James  Van Praagh
James Van Praagh More by this author
Dec 22, 2016 at 10:15 AM

I’m blessed to have the opportunity to spend every day immersed in work that I love - writing, talking to Spirit, and helping my friends and students to live life in harmony with their soul. As I look back over 2016, there are so many happy memories. For me, 2016 was truly a year of love, friendship and light! 

Here are some highlights: 

1) Tapping into The Power of Love.

At a time when many people felt isolated and fearful, I teamed up with my publisher, Hay House, to launch my new book, The Power of Love: Connecting to the Oneness. I was guided to write it so people would release fear and “step into the love” that is their natural state of being. Based on the feedback I’ve received, The Power of Love is doing its job! Oh, and here’s a shopping tip - The Power of Love Activation Card Deck makes a great companion to the book, and is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who needs more love in their life!  

The Power Of Love

2) Having fun with random acts of kindness!

To celebrate my book, I kicked off a Love Revolution where I posted videos and shared ways to send compassion and joy into the word. I even did some crazy things like dancing wearing a giant panda head just to make you smile (after all, nothing attracts Spirit like fun and laughter). Facebook friends from around the world shared their own random acts of kindness and the ripple effect continues! 

3) Joining forces with gifted mediums and teachers. 

Some of my very fondest memories of 2016 are of time spent collaborating with other mediums and spiritual teachers. This year, I had the chance to host demonstrations and workshops with my long-time friends Lynn Probert, Paul Jacobs and Tony Stockwell in the United States and Europe, and spent a magical weekend in Scottsdale with the delightful Melinda Vail. Earlier this year I teamed up with Maureen Hancock and Monica the Medium for an amazing Evening of Spirit in Los Angeles. 

4) Retreating into the stillness with davidji. 

I also had several chances to join my “soul mate” meditation guru, davidji on Hay House Radio. We had such a great time broadcasting together that we decided to put together a retreat in San Diego, where students joined us to tap into the stillness and access the divine. Whenever davidji and I get together there’s always laughter and fun, along with a big dose of enlightenment. And we’ll always remember the gigantic flock of crows who joined us, cawing and flapping, for morning meditation!

5) Making plans to bring psychics and mediums together in a new online community. 

Whenever I share the stage with other spiritual leaders, I find we learn as much from each other as our students learn from us. In fact, that spirit of collaboration in exactly what inspired me to develop a special, hands-on mentorship program for my online students. My intent is to coach and develop a small group of gifted, dedicated psychics and mediums, helping them to hone their skills and share them with the world. The program is still in the works and will be rolled out soon, and I believe that the students will benefit as much from being a part of this unique community as they do from my hands on mentorship. 

Melody Beattie said, “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” As the year draws to a close, I am grateful for the joy I experienced, and for having the opportunity to share the highlights with you. I look forward to the New Year – new friends, new experiences and new opportunities to share the light of love! 


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